TSR podcast "Street Outlaw build rules"


Tim Notes:

Facebook lives over the years, some of you are out of your minds….

New spot to drag race!!

Post of the Week.

Abandon RC track, Car action getting in on the fun and taking a beating like they deserve…

Competition X free give away everyday!

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RC Word of the Week

Traction Compound
A liquid substance applied to tires to enhance traction.

Main topic

 No Prep Street Outlaw rules

 Facebook Questions

 Featured Item of the week

Chuck Works RC slash chassis

Slice SCT


Mid Motor chassis kit for the Taxxas Slash 2WD

This chassis is the ultimate mid motor conversion you can do to your 2WD Slash.  This new design is just awesome.  With a new rear bumper mount that fits all the aftermarket bumpers out there.  And it has an extra mounting hole that works with my new rear wing mount.   Or you could use it as a hard mount for whatever you want to add.  The new floating trans design works very well with side frames that connect to the rear shock tower.

This chassis will let your Slash put a woopin on any short course truck out there.  And it does it all with the same strength and reliability of the Traxxas parts us uses.


TSR Speed Shop RC Podcast

Presents: Alphie Adams, RC Dirt Oval

Host: Tim Smith, Matt Howson


Tim Notes:


Made in the USA flatware the predental choice


Building a Street Outlaw rc drag car


This drag racing body thing has to be wrangled in doesn’t it? Or is it pure street and I need to accept it……..


The RC style list, Oh how its grown!


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Cody King interview with a big announcement

Mark speaking his mind about where is has been and where he is going in RC


  • RC Word Of the Week


Used in electric motors to refer to the shellac coated wire that makes up the electromagnetic component. When a current is passed through the winding a magnetic field is created and usually "focused" by wrapping it around an iron metal core to increase its field strength.


 Facebook Questions:


RC Dirt Oval with Alphie Adams


 Featured Item of the week

MaxAmps hoodie, 24.99

Get your MaxAmps.com Hoodie today.  These sweatshirts are very good quality.  Features a large logo on the front and a smaller "MA" logo on the upper back.



TSR Speed Shop RC podcast: Pumpkin Spiced RC!

Tim Notes:

Blown motor and the fun that my car crash still keeps giving me

My wife’s friends and their in-depth engine knowledge……

 Chris Vierra giving me the business because I am too busy… well he is right

 Scalers, Scalers everywhere but they all look like Axial knockoffs…..

 Off-road racing the white supremacy of RC?

 Grandpad, a ipad for old people

 RC drivers email signature, you have to be kidding me I don’t need to know every local race you ran in……

 CA glue your fingers and can’t open your phone

 TSR team driver trying to get the hat trick with the ladies

 Loop is Live with Jeff (I like this show, well I liked that episode at least)

 Fuck cancer, We love you Jessica


 Styles of RC:, Drag racing, dirt drags, crawler, scaler, drifter, truck pull, dirt oval, paved oval, quad copters, planes and helicopters, speed runs

 News items

 Cody fired from hot bodies because he was too drunk to make qualifying……

 Cole Ogden, is he going to fill the hole Cody King left at HB?

  • RC Word Of the Week

A condition when the front edge of both tires are closer together than the rear edge of both tires. Toe-in will make a car more stable under acceleration but decrease turn-in steering.Toe-in


Facebook Questions:


  • Featured Item of the week

TSR podcast " This That and the other, The Graupner X8-E kids!

Tim Notes:

Tim gets rear ended, and not in the good way…….

X8E radio

WiFi esc and the fun it can bring to your life, Graupner free hats!

 Dirt oval, and the new listener

 Car Action doing a little ripping off and then I get dragged in

  29 dollar suit

 Untucking shirts, use discount code “Fabric” to get 20% off

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  • RC Word Of the Week


The shaft used to transfer power from a transmission outdrive to the drive axle. Because of the roll pins found at each end, the finished product resembles a dog bone.

 Facebook Questions:

 The John Schultz night

 Main Topic

 Graupner X8-E transmitter

 Graupner Discount code: TSRSPEED

 Featured Item of the week

J Concepts, 1966 chevy Nova II   51.00

10.75" width & 13" wheelbase
Fits – custom SCT trucks

Two-piece rear wing for street elimination competition
Decal sheet with Chevy, Nova, Super Street and JConcepts badges.



Tim Notes:

Wild fires aka Tim’s 6 hour driving day… that turned into Tim’s greatest work day ever!

Fear farm closing due to no permits, The fall out and mad people is a fun slice of this insane world.

Mark Pavidias canned from AKA

Rails in no prep, I want to hate it but I guess what does it matter

Matt gets a new X8E and starts the learning curve out strong.

Tylers RC drag talk,

Matt wins another new car

Matt Hawkinson paint jobs for the kids!

JConcepts new Nova body


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 RC Word Of the Week

Current Limiter: An adjustment on an ESC to limit the current that the motor can draw during acceleration. This eliminates high, inefficient current spikes and reduces wheel spin.


Facebook Questions:


Drag Bike, Roberts body panels and more, no prep (wheel base 10.5-11 depending on front rake)


  • Featured Item of the week


Black Widow Pro-stock 1s Drag Bike  265.00 (RCDRL members get 15 bucks off)

The wait is over - we talked about a bonus chassis we have been working on a lot and now its here.


-2.5mm Quasi Carbon fiber ( Highest Grade multi layered 45 & 90 degree layered carbon fiber you can buy )

-Stream Line design with integrated wheelie bar

-Rock solid frame no twist or tweak design

-Adjustable wheelie bar system with large dia bearing and elongated slots design

-Designed for up to 2" rear Wheel (Trimming is needed on each side of 2" wheel by 1/16") 1.75" is recommended

-Belt drive system configured for pro-stock track racing

-1s battery tray

-set up for- 2.5T motor in combo with 1s battery and ESC

-Center mount servo for push and pull dual bearing pivot steering.

-Esc mount plate with vent slots for center line weight balance mounting closest to motor for short low Resistance wires

-Interlocking design into side rails for no flex / Twist ( this bad boy is solid ) upper servo plate ,lower battery plate and esc plate Just like our Black Widow chassis line.

-Servo plate has battery wire holes for quick unplug of cables. Routed clean and neat.

-Comes with 2" Plastic rim with large dia o dense o ring

-Triple tree springer front end pivots on 2 bearings for smooth steering. ( replace spacer with springs for up and down front travel)

-First ever adjustable feature of rake and trail front forks


Tim Notes:

In and Out burger day!

Justin and painting Drunk

Wine tasting fun, AKA chick pick up zone

RC Newb FPV system for under 100 bucks

Eagles get over it on Netflix

Driving over an RC rig, WTF

 Matt runs sub 2.0 at 74 mph!


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 Arrowmax belt grinder

 AKA announcing a win that happened months ago, I guess with so many races no one really knows when anything is so why do of them matter?



  • RC Word Of the Week

Endpoint Adjustment

This radio feature adjusts the length of servo travel in one direction (a single channel will have adjustments for two endpoints). If your car or truck can make a tighter left hand turn then it can a right hand turn, endpoint adjustments can correct the problem by allowing you to adjust the servo to travel the same distance in both directions. Endpoint Adjustment featured radios are recommended for cars and trucks with Nitro engines….it allows you to set the Carburetor and Brake settings just right.


Main Topic:

 FB Questions

 Matt’s drag race world


  • Featured Item of the week

 TSR Power Paste, Light, Medium and Heavy, 8 bucks a bottle and made to get your tires to stick


Tim Notes:

Computer hacked

Speed run 2 cell packs, the rossa shit show

Street outlaws New Orleans stupid way of talking, it’s like fear the walking dead as compared to walking dead

CowRC mat check list idea 

New Cap packs to test

 John Schultz no prep event, Todd wants that shot at the top spot

 The Dyno!

 News items


  • RC Word Of the Week


 A pre-programmed feature that helps limit problems caused by radio interference. The system dictates a set position that the servos should return to (usually neutral) in the event of prolonged radio interference. This can help to prevent crashes by preventing temporary commands from being continued, and is included in most PCM radio systems.

 Facebook Questions:

 Joe Zaier Jr Do you try to eat decent when you're out of town racing

 Jeremy Drey You spoke about "loading up a motor" in a previous show. Not just pointing it straight and nailing the trigger. Can you elaborate further?

 Justin Frazier What is the current RC motorcycle record that is considered legit? Open class if there is such a thing. Not a 2 cell bike.

 Steve Pond How fast does it go and how much does it cost?

 Nate Hauger Do you use a set-up station, like for on-road cars, with the Rudis/RAE chassis? How do you check to make sure it's perfect?

 Aaron Bullock When can we get a Steve Pond interview... ??

 Daniel Gallardo What happened with the website you were going to make that was going to have all the rc records? Did I miss it?

 Desmond Desmond Where should the timing be put on the trinity d4 2.5 for max top speed

 Darwin Bohnke What about your idea of speed run on dirt?

 Main Topic:

 Jose and his Amazing MINIPRO dyno (miniprousa.com) 


 Sept 23rd….. drag racing returns to socal

 Featured Item of the week

MiniPro dyno  369.00

This is a universal motor dynamometer (dyno) that measures the rpm, kv, voltage, current draw, power and torque output of a electric motor. This dyno is great tool for motor analysis, ESC (boost) adjustment, brushless sensor adjustment, gearing calculation, etc. The dyno is coupled to a 540/550 motor or a Outrunner motor via a pulley and belt to accelerate the inertial mass. We will call this a ‘flywheel’ for simplicity. Our electronic board takes the flywheel’s inertia (resistance of an object to a change in its state of motion), measures the rate it takes to accelerate and calculates the output power and torque of your motor. Our dyno repeatedly measures and calculates power in small increments to produce an accurate graph on a PC of the engine’s power characteristics.


TSR podcast Team TSR


Tim Notes:

Lipo fire and having to charge unbalanced because its faster is that a real racing issue are races being run too fast, Who’s at fault?

No prep texas guys getting butt hurt

Short track race day, no complainers showed up… imagine that…


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Why are off-road guys so whiney?


  • RC Word Of the Week
  • Center of Gravity or better known as C.G.
  • The point on the chassis at which the vehicle balances with all components installed. C.G. is the three-dimensional balance point of the car. That is, there is a vertical C.G. as well as a horizontal C.G. All forces acting on the chassis can be considered to act through the chassis' center of gravity. Ideally, a vehicle's center of gravity should be as low as possible.


 Facebook Questions:

 Donnie Stillwell What's the story on this short course drag car you keep mentioning. Where do I find specs/rules? Here in illinois we don't have any surface good enough for a true rc drag car.

 Desmond Desmond Any tips on how to set the Tekin RSX Esc for the Trinity D4 2.5 on 2S?

 Kevin Kasten Any plans on when you are going to get that record? #200plus

 Teddy Linville My question to Tim Smith is gonnbe are you ever or thinking about trying a inline chassis?

 John Schultz When can i get time on your Dyno? Rotor Ron Motors on their way!

 Norris Graves What is the story behind you and Matt getting together?

 John Schultz Let start a 10.00 buy in, outlaw style No Prep Race. I have locations! Friday Night 8 pm. When are you ready?

 Joe Zaier Jr Would you release your own car with all of the proper stuff already in the box. Like the 12mm hubs

 Joe Zaier Jr I would also love to hear your take on this, Jared Tebo auctioning off his 2017 ROAR 1/8 nitro buggy National championship trophy:

 Hello all,

Well, I had a nights sleep on it and I've decided to not sell my ROAR Trophy. When I decided I would, I thought to myself, " I love motocross memorabilia, maybe somebody would want this. I want to get this RV2 jersey; I'll use the money from the trophy to get it, kinda like a trade". After I posted it, it just didn't feel right, I think I may regret not having it anymore. Now I feel pretty stupid, but I think it's best for me to keep it. If I decide to sell anything again, I'll do a raffle or something to give everyone a chance. Sorry to all the people that made bids. I will be deleting that post.


Jared Tebo


Main Topic:

 TEAM TSR Speed Shop

Robert St Perrie

Darvione Huddleston

Tyler Zavadil


  • Featured Item of the week

TSR edition 1 cell lipo (9750 mah of pure power


Episdoe one of our LIVE stream shows from Axial HQ.

Guests: Rodney Wills and John Schultz

Hosts Tim Smith and Matt Howson


Axial show,

live Facebook feed

Axial office

Axial meeting big plans for next year

The drive up and how waze hates me

Altra shoes

Two chains swag

Meeting so many great people, more of the no introduction meetings

Cleaning up the U4 mess

Radio show blues and the Buzz Next year Camp in vendor row and do live shows, Bluetooth, 100.3 FM each day.

The cabin/hotel No place to eat after 9pm watching CHP fly by No trail time,

Thomas and Tim hit trail "I"

So much water so mush fun, bridges

Thieves doing their best to wreck people's fun.

Axial team, I still can't wrap my head around the effort put out for their customers.

Weird Axialfest post year, thieves and pissy people on line crying



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