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March 7th, 2018    

TSR Speed Shop RC podcast “Jay Kendall”

TSR podcast Episode

Hosts: Tim Smith and Matt Howson

This week: Jay Kendall of SOR Graphics


Tim Notes:

 RCDRL Jimmy memorial race, Jimmy’s daughter won prostock~! I was hopping for more videos and celebration

Tony runs a 1.59 in prostock but now it doesn’t matter….

Tyler and I did a couple test hits. The 55 update

First time for the promod and the 1 cell is still nasty

Going to London and its snowing… Anyone other there I need to meet?

Is social media the mind reading device we all hopped for?

 Girls on the show is the best!

 News items

JQ getting DQ for his mouth and other shenanigans Gyros at DNC LOL


RC Word of the Week

A nut that uses a nylon insert to better grip the threads of a bolt or shaft and thereby preventing it from coming loose. It is used extensively for axles and other areas where nuts must stay secure, but it may need to be removed frequently for maintenance or repair.


BREAK: Girls beastie boys, MaxAmps

  Main topic

 Jay Kendall of SOR graphics.


 Facebook Questions


BREAK: Slayer South of Heaven


  • Featured Item of the week

Your Battery Buddy: Norris Graves online RC hobby shop and full service Speed Shop


Thanks to:

MaxAmps, MKS Servos, Gruapner, CowRC, Rotor Ron, Rudis Motorsports, Tekin, TSR Power Paste, Gone Bananas, MHD designs, Team TSR and all the Fan and haters!


February 22nd, 2018    

TSR Speed Shop RC podcast “RC and wives is a life of Balance”

TSR Speed Shop RC podcast

Hosts: Tim Smith, Matt Howson

RC and Wives is a life of Balance

Tim Notes:

Being sick sucks…..

Valentines day and how we all married up!

Tim turns…. Ummm old….

The winter Olympics

Is social media the mind reading device we’ve always wanted?

Don’t water down racing with lots of classes, one class was the best when you started

Same goes for FB groups!


Butt hurt over a gyro, sorry you have no skill but how is that my fault

 News items

1up soldering iron

RC Word of the Week


The measure on a pinion gear or spur gear of how many teeth fit per inch. On a 64-pitch gear, 64 teeth will fit within one inch; on a 48-pitch gear, 48 teeth will fit in one inch.


 Main topic

 Wife and RC, how do you balance them out.

  • Featured Item of the week


Shag Oil by Rotor Ron

“SHAG OIL” is an ultra light weight ball bearing oil that provides exceptional lubrication to high RPM bearings. Additionally, while it lubricates, it also purges the oil from the bearing. The result is lubricating film and lower drag. “SHAG OIL” works great for motor or ANY RC bearings. Bottle comes with needle applicator for precision application.

Every motor Rotor Ron tunes gets SHAG oil in it’s bearings, so if Rotor Ron swears by it, you should too!

Also comes with a free Rotor Ron sticker for your ride


February 7th, 2018    

TSR Speed Shop RC podcast “RC The Ship of Fools”

TSR Speed Shop RC Podcast

"RC The Ship of Fools"


Hosts: Tim Smith, Matt Howson

Tim Notes:

 We Got a TRACK

 Sabine RC Street racers, we don’t want no Track racers around here…. lol

 Some people can only post the shit and dirt of the world… Why?

 The internet…. These people that ask what motor is the fastest or what gear will give me the most top end…. What??

Admins and FB pages…. Its not a job it’s you enforcing your own ruled world….

 Kid advice about life and shitty people and bad experiences, the first time is shocking but dads here to tell you get used to it……

 Kpop, Who needs the SuperBowl?

 Super Nationals for 272.00 Let’s call it the fantasy trip…….

 4.35V per cell…. Wtf…..

 RCDRL tech day…. Huh??


 News items

 Reedy race winners, How did Ryan do??    The 2018 Reedy Race of Champions did not disappoint. Received a bag of swag when the event began with control tires, glue, decals and even an event specific car stand for the event. The racing was very tough in the invite class, the track layout was one to remember featuring three triple jumps. I fought until the end for the overall but came up short and finished tied for 3rd and received 4th after tie-breaker. Congrats to Dustin Evans on a great weekend earning the victory and Ty Tessman and Ryan Cavalieri 2nd and 3rd place respectively.
Next event up, 2018 Dirt Nitro Challenge at the Fear Farm....can’t wait to burn some nitro.


LRP gone:  As reported by Red RC, LRP founder Jürgen Lautenbach announced the famed German brand will close on March 31, 2018. LRP filed for insolvency with the German court in May of last year but has failed to find an appropriate investor, and so the company will cease distributing Team Associated and Reedy products. Lautenbach’s statement concluded with his wish for a fresh start for LRP but did not suggest a timeframe.

Cody King, USA, joins Team Serpent off-road


RC Word of the Week

Foam Inserts

These inserts are used inside tires to help them retain their shape. Different densities are available for use on different track surfaces.


Main topic

We went out and did some NPRC Sunday….

You can never have enough testing. Tires, full no prep, Wheelie bar, Motor turn, rear tires.

Should I go to a faster motor?

JConcepts build in the future??

Facebook Questions

RC Car Action wants to do a podcast show with me….. This is how RC is like pro wrestling…..

Featured Item of the week

MOO-Slick NO.077: 10.99

    Fast drying silicone lubricant, protector, and release agent

    R/C safe formula outperforms and outlasts the competition

    Ultimate bearing, drivetrain, and suspension lubricant in one

    Uneffected by water or oils protects from rust and corrosion

    After run application protects pins, shafts, and bearings

    Heat stable to 400 degrees and will not freeze or melt

    Reduces regular maintenance and increases durability

    Available within the Continental United States only 


Mountain, Never in my life

World Party, Ship of Fools


January 17th, 2018    

TSR Speed Shop RC podcast “RC The Wonder Drug!”

TSR Speed Shop RC podcast

Hosts: Tim Smith, Matt Howson

RC The Wonder Drug!

Tim Notes:

Hobbico files chapter 11, so what happens now?

Is RC going back to its beginnings?

Thank you to all the awesome people out there sending condolences.

AMA Show and could there soon to be a joint show for all RC?

 News items

 Dallas Mathiesen, the concurrent present of both EFRA and IFMAR since 2005, died on Saturday. He was 69 years old.

Mathiesen looked like a rock star from the 1980s, with a towering stature offset by a glowing smile, and was best known among the RC community for his patience in presiding over the industry’s most important events. Originally from Denmark but living for much of his life in Sweden, Mathiesen worked with troubled youth and the less fortunate in his community. He was a father and grandfather, and last posted to Facebook on Thursday, January 11, before flying to Great Britain to visit his daughter and grandchildren.

Tater, Honestly how can we get upset, what role models does he have….

 Mayfield out from MKS….. Wow what a shock…..

 Kinwald back to Team Lost, why should anyone care?

 RC Word of the Week

Ball Cup

A hollow plastic piece that snaps onto a ball end that provides a pivot point, usually for suspension movement. Using a ball cup/ball end assembly instead of a rigid system allows the car to absorb crash damage, so the ball cup will pop off instead of break. Ball cups are usually paired with turnbuckles for the ultimate in ease of use and assembly.

Main topic

The 55 and all its cool new add on parts thanks to Mike Hahn

Rear tire blues….

Track update:

Facebook Questions

 Featured Item of the week


The RS PRO is back! This RS PRO Black Edition utilizes both hardware and software advances recently developed for our latest ESC lineup. With its industry-leading Ultra Low Resistance you can be sure that your motor is getting all the power you can give it. More power, smooth control and reliability you can count on: the RS PRO Black Edition is engineered for performance. Capabilities such as Data Logging and HotWire 3.0 Bluetooth Connectivity allow you fine tune your system and gain an advantage over the competition.

The RS PRO Black Edition was specifically designed for 1S-2S Spec Classes and Drag Racing to take full advantage of the ULR circuit design. ULR FlexWire is included with every Black Edition ESC. Pair the RS PROs with a SPEC-R motor for the ultimate Ultra Low Resistance system


January 4th, 2018    

TSR Speed Shop RC podcast, “No One Ever Said Life Would Be Easy….”

TSR Speed Shop RC podcast

No One Ever Said Life Would Be Easy....

Hosts: Tim Smith and Matt Howson


Tim Notes:

RIP Dad,

 The Ford truck build begins!


Hunting in California

New Bright car comes to the TSR Speed Shop

RC car action getting their weekly content fill from Timmy!

Aaron Waldron piece on how he feels we don’t post correctly…. What a socal snowflake..

All these people don’t DO RC, Lets name off the ones that do.

New Music and how I have no idea what its about….

Seeing Todd’s latest burn out video and running my car reminds me how all these gear box guys have a big problem now…. You are all about to be exposed!

Give away, lets do this already!

Boat guys and why are they a….. clown force of stupid

  • News items

 Facebook post of the week: The magnet mounts, 13K views……

 Jim Schauer, RIP…..

 RC Word of the Week


The distance between the front and rear axles of a car. A longer wheelbase gives a bit more stability, while a shorter wheelbase gives quicker turning and better acceleration, because the weight of the car is closer to the wheels (in relation to the long axis).

 Main topic  Guests: Tyler and Todd

 Street Outlaw build, body, mounts and all the pieces

 Rules and those they upset

 NPRC the explosion and growth

 Our local track situation and some Facebook Fun

 Facebook Questions

 Featured Item of the week

Parma Short Course car bodies:  45.00

 At least 12 muscle car bodies to choose from!


December 14th, 2017    

TSR Speed Shop RC podcast, “Coy Roberts” The NPRC Explosion

TSR Speed Shop RC podcast

Hosts: Tim Smith, Matt Howson

Guests: Coy Roberts

Title: The NPRC explosion

Tim Notes:

 New Music and how I have no idea what its about….

 Tim goes to management school (libraries and the 18 dollar cheese burger)

 Hitler photo…..

 Christmas lights are done.

 Everything you believe about yourself is made up and you are the author.

  News items


RC Word of the Week


In RC terms, this means the same thing as acceleration. Driving full punch means you are on the throttle all the time!

Main topic

The Street Outlaw build, Parts and pieces: Body, Wheels, Tires, Motor, Esc

Street Outlaw  Rules Lets say them all together now.

                Nitro and Electric…..


NPRC, I didn’t even know I was going to wake up and start a racing group….

Coy Roberts of the AZ rc club


Facebook Questions

  • Featured Item of the week


Proline: Primes rear tires.  25.46    (8247-03)

                Height: 3.87”

                Width:  2.08”

This is a pair of Prime Stadium Truck Tires. Many indoor off-road race tracks have turned to carpet or pure clay style dirt in search of ultimate traction, eliminating the need for traditional treaded tires. Pro-Line’s all new Prime tires are targeted directly at racers currently running full “slick” tires, saving them from having to grind treaded tires down while delivering improved performance.

Pro-Line’s Prime tires feature unique grooves that add traction and stability when the track is freshly watered or when there is a slight layer of thin dust that would cause a traditional “slick” tire to spin. The raised treaded portion of the Prime tire has a distinctive rough surface texture similar to a ground “slick” tire and makes the Prime tire have the maximum performance right out of the package.

Don’t settle for anything less than Prime Performance with Pro-Line’s new Prime tire for Stadium Trucks!



December 7th, 2017    

TSR Speed Shop RC podcast, “Street Outlaw build rules”

TSR podcast "Street Outlaw build rules"


Tim Notes:

Facebook lives over the years, some of you are out of your minds….

New spot to drag race!!

Post of the Week.

Abandon RC track, Car action getting in on the fun and taking a beating like they deserve…

Competition X free give away everyday!

  • News items



RC Word of the Week

Traction Compound
A liquid substance applied to tires to enhance traction.

Main topic

 No Prep Street Outlaw rules

 Facebook Questions

 Featured Item of the week

Chuck Works RC slash chassis

Slice SCT


Mid Motor chassis kit for the Taxxas Slash 2WD

This chassis is the ultimate mid motor conversion you can do to your 2WD Slash.  This new design is just awesome.  With a new rear bumper mount that fits all the aftermarket bumpers out there.  And it has an extra mounting hole that works with my new rear wing mount.   Or you could use it as a hard mount for whatever you want to add.  The new floating trans design works very well with side frames that connect to the rear shock tower.

This chassis will let your Slash put a woopin on any short course truck out there.  And it does it all with the same strength and reliability of the Traxxas parts us uses.


November 30th, 2017    

TSR Speed Shop RC podcast, “Alphie Adams, RC Dirt Oval”

TSR Speed Shop RC Podcast

Presents: Alphie Adams, RC Dirt Oval

Host: Tim Smith, Matt Howson


Tim Notes:


Made in the USA flatware the predental choice


Building a Street Outlaw rc drag car


This drag racing body thing has to be wrangled in doesn’t it? Or is it pure street and I need to accept it……..


The RC style list, Oh how its grown!


  • News items

Cody King interview with a big announcement

Mark speaking his mind about where is has been and where he is going in RC


  • RC Word Of the Week


Used in electric motors to refer to the shellac coated wire that makes up the electromagnetic component. When a current is passed through the winding a magnetic field is created and usually "focused" by wrapping it around an iron metal core to increase its field strength.


 Facebook Questions:


RC Dirt Oval with Alphie Adams


 Featured Item of the week

MaxAmps hoodie, 24.99

Get your MaxAmps.com Hoodie today.  These sweatshirts are very good quality.  Features a large logo on the front and a smaller "MA" logo on the upper back.


November 22nd, 2017    

TSR Speed Shop RC podcast, “Pumpkin Spiced RC”


TSR Speed Shop RC podcast: Pumpkin Spiced RC!

Tim Notes:

Blown motor and the fun that my car crash still keeps giving me

My wife’s friends and their in-depth engine knowledge……

 Chris Vierra giving me the business because I am too busy… well he is right

 Scalers, Scalers everywhere but they all look like Axial knockoffs…..

 Off-road racing the white supremacy of RC?

 Grandpad, a ipad for old people

 RC drivers email signature, you have to be kidding me I don’t need to know every local race you ran in……

 CA glue your fingers and can’t open your phone

 TSR team driver trying to get the hat trick with the ladies

 Loop is Live with Jeff (I like this show, well I liked that episode at least)

 Fuck cancer, We love you Jessica


 Styles of RC:, Drag racing, dirt drags, crawler, scaler, drifter, truck pull, dirt oval, paved oval, quad copters, planes and helicopters, speed runs

 News items

 Cody fired from hot bodies because he was too drunk to make qualifying……

 Cole Ogden, is he going to fill the hole Cody King left at HB?

  • RC Word Of the Week

A condition when the front edge of both tires are closer together than the rear edge of both tires. Toe-in will make a car more stable under acceleration but decrease turn-in steering.Toe-in


Facebook Questions:


  • Featured Item of the week

November 14th, 2017    

TSR Speed Shop RC podcast, The Graupner X8-E kids!

TSR podcast " This That and the other, The Graupner X8-E kids!

Tim Notes:

Tim gets rear ended, and not in the good way…….

X8E radio

WiFi esc and the fun it can bring to your life, Graupner free hats!

 Dirt oval, and the new listener

 Car Action doing a little ripping off and then I get dragged in

  29 dollar suit

 Untucking shirts, use discount code “Fabric” to get 20% off

 News items


  • RC Word Of the Week


The shaft used to transfer power from a transmission outdrive to the drive axle. Because of the roll pins found at each end, the finished product resembles a dog bone.

 Facebook Questions:

 The John Schultz night

 Main Topic

 Graupner X8-E transmitter

 Graupner Discount code: TSRSPEED

 Featured Item of the week

J Concepts, 1966 chevy Nova II   51.00

10.75" width & 13" wheelbase
Fits – custom SCT trucks

Two-piece rear wing for street elimination competition
Decal sheet with Chevy, Nova, Super Street and JConcepts badges.



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