TSR Speed Shop RC podcast, The Champ is Back AGAIN

TSR podcast Episode 69

• RC Word Of the Week
A small electronic component used as a filter to reduce radio noise generated by an electric motor. These are the little barrels you see on your speed controls.


TSR Speed Shop RC podcast The Champ is BACK!
Show notes

Holiday inn hall way drag racing



Meeting new people

Naphtha and Ralph tocco

The kids, autographs, photos and more

First hit, the car,

Round by round break down

Car in the hat race and reward

The finals, trophies and cash awards

Gone bananas

Rotor ron

2.50 car nightmare

Miss them all. Scott Davis , JD crow, Norris graves, darvon Huddleston, Dawn, eric and heather bowmen, Robert St Pierre, Greg chapa, dave mares, Miley and Regina alsobrooks, Randy Mathew, Michel Hahn, mark Davidson, steve nigri, Ken lupi, Randy Mayhew

My crew Dallas, Paxton, Colt, Piper and Matthew Munson

Free paint jobs and bodies for everyone!

Won a car! And motor HahhaA I always win

So much Facebook love


New group new track new lights

• Featured Item of the week

Travel shaving cream

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