TSR Speed Shop RC podcast, Sponsorship, those rules don’t apply to me….

This weeks show, Tim and Matt show their true podcasting talet by recreating over an hour of TSR Speed Shop Podcast MAGIC! 


Enjoy this nearly three hour joy ride over the hills and through the valleys, even taking a turn into the muddy swamps...




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Tim Notes:



Goats wearing pajamas and jumping around in Yoga class videos.


More bloody fingers…. Stop it…


You tube limiting channels 


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https://thequagraine.com/2017/04/18/try-traction/   (proline tires and Ty Tessmen)

The Ty response….


  • RC Word Of the Week


Refers to the angle of caster on the rear wheels. However, that angle prevents the squatting of the rear suspension, so ‘anti-squat’ it is. Anti-squat is most effective on acceleration from a stop, when much of the car’s weight is forced onto the rear suspension. Lifting the front of the hinge pin of the rear arms gives a caster (anti-squat) angle, and helps to transfer the power that makes the car want to do a wheelie into forward motion.


Main Topic:



RAE spec car has arrived.


New RC drag strip, well sort of…..



FaceBook Questions


Rick Seffrood Where can I get a pro mod car


Daniel Gallardo What are the LEDs on your cap bank for?


Scott Glasscock Where do you see RC drag racing in 5yrs?


Joe Zaier Jr You make me want to drag race. Drag racing died a horrible death in minnesota awhile ago. How do you bring it back?


Johnathan Schultz How about having an class that's 17.5 blinky spec class with no wheelie bars with a spec tire size.


Michael Medaglia I want to go fast like Tim Smith but just fast enough to beat Matthew Howson on the drag strip. Let the tips and tricks fly !


John Schultz What's your thoughts on Ty Tessmann running a other tire than Proline at the Neo Nitro Race? Is it more important to be loyal to your sponsors or do what you think you need to do to win? Should he be let go?


John Schultz When are you going to make more speed passes on or Off Road


Scott Wiedmayer Dual rate on the radio. Please explain cuz i don't get it


Tyler Zavadil So just really getting into racing and trying to step into the big leagues what's the most needed shop tool to have for setting up a drag car? Would it be scales? Or a measure board?



 No track blues 


  • Featured Item of the week
  • CowRC MooSlick

Fast drying silicone lubricant, protector, and release agent

R/C safe formula outperforms and outlasts the competition

Ultimate bearing, drivetrain, and suspension lubricant in one

Uneffected by water or oils protects from rust and corrosion

After run application protects pins, shafts, and bearings

Heat stable to 400 degrees and will not freeze or melt

Reduces regular maintenance and increases durability