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July 27th, 2017    

TSR Speed Shop RC podcast, Axial LIVE ep1 “Rodney Wills and John Schultz”

Episdoe one of our LIVE stream shows from Axial HQ.

Guests: Rodney Wills and John Schultz

Hosts Tim Smith and Matt Howson

July 24th, 2017    

TSR Speed Shop RC podcast, “Axialfest review, bonus Two Chainz Scalerz”

Axial show,

live Facebook feed

Axial office

Axial meeting big plans for next year

The drive up and how waze hates me

Altra shoes

Two chains swag

Meeting so many great people, more of the no introduction meetings

Cleaning up the U4 mess

Radio show blues and the Buzz Next year Camp in vendor row and do live shows, Bluetooth, 100.3 FM each day.

The cabin/hotel No place to eat after 9pm watching CHP fly by No trail time,

Thomas and Tim hit trail "I"

So much water so mush fun, bridges

Thieves doing their best to wreck people's fun.

Axial team, I still can't wrap my head around the effort put out for their customers.

Weird Axialfest post year, thieves and pissy people on line crying



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