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October 24th, 2017    

TSR Speed Shop RC podcast, “RC The Great Divide”

Tim Notes:

Wild fires aka Tim’s 6 hour driving day… that turned into Tim’s greatest work day ever!

Fear farm closing due to no permits, The fall out and mad people is a fun slice of this insane world.

Mark Pavidias canned from AKA

Rails in no prep, I want to hate it but I guess what does it matter

Matt gets a new X8E and starts the learning curve out strong.

Tylers RC drag talk,

Matt wins another new car

Matt Hawkinson paint jobs for the kids!

JConcepts new Nova body


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 RC Word Of the Week

Current Limiter: An adjustment on an ESC to limit the current that the motor can draw during acceleration. This eliminates high, inefficient current spikes and reduces wheel spin.


Facebook Questions:


Drag Bike, Roberts body panels and more, no prep (wheel base 10.5-11 depending on front rake)


  • Featured Item of the week


Black Widow Pro-stock 1s Drag Bike  265.00 (RCDRL members get 15 bucks off)

The wait is over - we talked about a bonus chassis we have been working on a lot and now its here.


-2.5mm Quasi Carbon fiber ( Highest Grade multi layered 45 & 90 degree layered carbon fiber you can buy )

-Stream Line design with integrated wheelie bar

-Rock solid frame no twist or tweak design

-Adjustable wheelie bar system with large dia bearing and elongated slots design

-Designed for up to 2" rear Wheel (Trimming is needed on each side of 2" wheel by 1/16") 1.75" is recommended

-Belt drive system configured for pro-stock track racing

-1s battery tray

-set up for- 2.5T motor in combo with 1s battery and ESC

-Center mount servo for push and pull dual bearing pivot steering.

-Esc mount plate with vent slots for center line weight balance mounting closest to motor for short low Resistance wires

-Interlocking design into side rails for no flex / Twist ( this bad boy is solid ) upper servo plate ,lower battery plate and esc plate Just like our Black Widow chassis line.

-Servo plate has battery wire holes for quick unplug of cables. Routed clean and neat.

-Comes with 2" Plastic rim with large dia o dense o ring

-Triple tree springer front end pivots on 2 bearings for smooth steering. ( replace spacer with springs for up and down front travel)

-First ever adjustable feature of rake and trail front forks

October 5th, 2017    

TSR Speed Shop RC podcast, I Won’t Back Down

Tim Notes:

In and Out burger day!

Justin and painting Drunk

Wine tasting fun, AKA chick pick up zone

RC Newb FPV system for under 100 bucks

Eagles get over it on Netflix

Driving over an RC rig, WTF

 Matt runs sub 2.0 at 74 mph!


  • News items

 Arrowmax belt grinder

 AKA announcing a win that happened months ago, I guess with so many races no one really knows when anything is so why do of them matter?



  • RC Word Of the Week

Endpoint Adjustment

This radio feature adjusts the length of servo travel in one direction (a single channel will have adjustments for two endpoints). If your car or truck can make a tighter left hand turn then it can a right hand turn, endpoint adjustments can correct the problem by allowing you to adjust the servo to travel the same distance in both directions. Endpoint Adjustment featured radios are recommended for cars and trucks with Nitro engines….it allows you to set the Carburetor and Brake settings just right.


Main Topic:

 FB Questions

 Matt’s drag race world


  • Featured Item of the week

 TSR Power Paste, Light, Medium and Heavy, 8 bucks a bottle and made to get your tires to stick


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