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January 17th, 2018    

TSR Speed Shop RC podcast “RC The Wonder Drug!”

TSR Speed Shop RC podcast

Hosts: Tim Smith, Matt Howson

RC The Wonder Drug!

Tim Notes:

Hobbico files chapter 11, so what happens now?

Is RC going back to its beginnings?

Thank you to all the awesome people out there sending condolences.

AMA Show and could there soon to be a joint show for all RC?

 News items

 Dallas Mathiesen, the concurrent present of both EFRA and IFMAR since 2005, died on Saturday. He was 69 years old.

Mathiesen looked like a rock star from the 1980s, with a towering stature offset by a glowing smile, and was best known among the RC community for his patience in presiding over the industry’s most important events. Originally from Denmark but living for much of his life in Sweden, Mathiesen worked with troubled youth and the less fortunate in his community. He was a father and grandfather, and last posted to Facebook on Thursday, January 11, before flying to Great Britain to visit his daughter and grandchildren.

Tater, Honestly how can we get upset, what role models does he have….

 Mayfield out from MKS….. Wow what a shock…..

 Kinwald back to Team Lost, why should anyone care?

 RC Word of the Week

Ball Cup

A hollow plastic piece that snaps onto a ball end that provides a pivot point, usually for suspension movement. Using a ball cup/ball end assembly instead of a rigid system allows the car to absorb crash damage, so the ball cup will pop off instead of break. Ball cups are usually paired with turnbuckles for the ultimate in ease of use and assembly.

Main topic

The 55 and all its cool new add on parts thanks to Mike Hahn

Rear tire blues….

Track update:

Facebook Questions

 Featured Item of the week


The RS PRO is back! This RS PRO Black Edition utilizes both hardware and software advances recently developed for our latest ESC lineup. With its industry-leading Ultra Low Resistance you can be sure that your motor is getting all the power you can give it. More power, smooth control and reliability you can count on: the RS PRO Black Edition is engineered for performance. Capabilities such as Data Logging and HotWire 3.0 Bluetooth Connectivity allow you fine tune your system and gain an advantage over the competition.

The RS PRO Black Edition was specifically designed for 1S-2S Spec Classes and Drag Racing to take full advantage of the ULR circuit design. ULR FlexWire is included with every Black Edition ESC. Pair the RS PROs with a SPEC-R motor for the ultimate Ultra Low Resistance system

January 4th, 2018    

TSR Speed Shop RC podcast, “No One Ever Said Life Would Be Easy….”

TSR Speed Shop RC podcast

No One Ever Said Life Would Be Easy....

Hosts: Tim Smith and Matt Howson


Tim Notes:

RIP Dad,

 The Ford truck build begins!


Hunting in California

New Bright car comes to the TSR Speed Shop

RC car action getting their weekly content fill from Timmy!

Aaron Waldron piece on how he feels we don’t post correctly…. What a socal snowflake..

All these people don’t DO RC, Lets name off the ones that do.

New Music and how I have no idea what its about….

Seeing Todd’s latest burn out video and running my car reminds me how all these gear box guys have a big problem now…. You are all about to be exposed!

Give away, lets do this already!

Boat guys and why are they a….. clown force of stupid

  • News items

 Facebook post of the week: The magnet mounts, 13K views……

 Jim Schauer, RIP…..

 RC Word of the Week


The distance between the front and rear axles of a car. A longer wheelbase gives a bit more stability, while a shorter wheelbase gives quicker turning and better acceleration, because the weight of the car is closer to the wheels (in relation to the long axis).

 Main topic  Guests: Tyler and Todd

 Street Outlaw build, body, mounts and all the pieces

 Rules and those they upset

 NPRC the explosion and growth

 Our local track situation and some Facebook Fun

 Facebook Questions

 Featured Item of the week

Parma Short Course car bodies:  45.00

 At least 12 muscle car bodies to choose from!


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