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February 22nd, 2018    

TSR Speed Shop RC podcast “RC and wives is a life of Balance”

TSR Speed Shop RC podcast

Hosts: Tim Smith, Matt Howson

RC and Wives is a life of Balance

Tim Notes:

Being sick sucks…..

Valentines day and how we all married up!

Tim turns…. Ummm old….

The winter Olympics

Is social media the mind reading device we’ve always wanted?

Don’t water down racing with lots of classes, one class was the best when you started

Same goes for FB groups!


Butt hurt over a gyro, sorry you have no skill but how is that my fault

 News items

1up soldering iron

RC Word of the Week


The measure on a pinion gear or spur gear of how many teeth fit per inch. On a 64-pitch gear, 64 teeth will fit within one inch; on a 48-pitch gear, 48 teeth will fit in one inch.


 Main topic

 Wife and RC, how do you balance them out.

  • Featured Item of the week


Shag Oil by Rotor Ron

“SHAG OIL” is an ultra light weight ball bearing oil that provides exceptional lubrication to high RPM bearings. Additionally, while it lubricates, it also purges the oil from the bearing. The result is lubricating film and lower drag. “SHAG OIL” works great for motor or ANY RC bearings. Bottle comes with needle applicator for precision application.

Every motor Rotor Ron tunes gets SHAG oil in it’s bearings, so if Rotor Ron swears by it, you should too!

Also comes with a free Rotor Ron sticker for your ride

February 7th, 2018    

TSR Speed Shop RC podcast “RC The Ship of Fools”

TSR Speed Shop RC Podcast

"RC The Ship of Fools"


Hosts: Tim Smith, Matt Howson

Tim Notes:

 We Got a TRACK

 Sabine RC Street racers, we don’t want no Track racers around here…. lol

 Some people can only post the shit and dirt of the world… Why?

 The internet…. These people that ask what motor is the fastest or what gear will give me the most top end…. What??

Admins and FB pages…. Its not a job it’s you enforcing your own ruled world….

 Kid advice about life and shitty people and bad experiences, the first time is shocking but dads here to tell you get used to it……

 Kpop, Who needs the SuperBowl?

 Super Nationals for 272.00 Let’s call it the fantasy trip…….

 4.35V per cell…. Wtf…..

 RCDRL tech day…. Huh??


 News items

 Reedy race winners, How did Ryan do??    The 2018 Reedy Race of Champions did not disappoint. Received a bag of swag when the event began with control tires, glue, decals and even an event specific car stand for the event. The racing was very tough in the invite class, the track layout was one to remember featuring three triple jumps. I fought until the end for the overall but came up short and finished tied for 3rd and received 4th after tie-breaker. Congrats to Dustin Evans on a great weekend earning the victory and Ty Tessman and Ryan Cavalieri 2nd and 3rd place respectively.
Next event up, 2018 Dirt Nitro Challenge at the Fear Farm....can’t wait to burn some nitro.


LRP gone:  As reported by Red RC, LRP founder Jürgen Lautenbach announced the famed German brand will close on March 31, 2018. LRP filed for insolvency with the German court in May of last year but has failed to find an appropriate investor, and so the company will cease distributing Team Associated and Reedy products. Lautenbach’s statement concluded with his wish for a fresh start for LRP but did not suggest a timeframe.

Cody King, USA, joins Team Serpent off-road


RC Word of the Week

Foam Inserts

These inserts are used inside tires to help them retain their shape. Different densities are available for use on different track surfaces.


Main topic

We went out and did some NPRC Sunday….

You can never have enough testing. Tires, full no prep, Wheelie bar, Motor turn, rear tires.

Should I go to a faster motor?

JConcepts build in the future??

Facebook Questions

RC Car Action wants to do a podcast show with me….. This is how RC is like pro wrestling…..

Featured Item of the week

MOO-Slick NO.077: 10.99

    Fast drying silicone lubricant, protector, and release agent

    R/C safe formula outperforms and outlasts the competition

    Ultimate bearing, drivetrain, and suspension lubricant in one

    Uneffected by water or oils protects from rust and corrosion

    After run application protects pins, shafts, and bearings

    Heat stable to 400 degrees and will not freeze or melt

    Reduces regular maintenance and increases durability

    Available within the Continental United States only 


Mountain, Never in my life

World Party, Ship of Fools


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