TSR Speed Shop RC podcast “Where you been Smiley?”

TSR Speed Shop RC podcast

Hosts: Tim Smith and Matt Howson

This week:

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Where have you been Smiley?


Tim Notes:

New Teeth! What the HELL?!?! More doctors, more pain, more drugs and all the fun

Sorry to all I harassed after my appointments and drug induced fun, I should really stay off the internet….

When I was growing up I always thought the truck driver, mail man, machinist, butcher all wanted to do the jobs they had? Now that I am older it seems like no one is happy with their job and thinks they should be doing more or better and then we spend out lives feeling like losers…..

August is the month for speed, well I hope so anyways…. Cars need to be worked on and motors need to be changed.

No Axialfest for Tim this year and this saddens me for a number of reasons….. John Schultz leaves Axial….. now what?

Hey Tim, My Grampa talks about you a lot and says you are the fastest guy on the planet!

  • News items

 New ROAR President? Maybe its me??

 JConcepts new drag tires

RC Word of the Week brought to you by RC Driver mag


A nut that uses a nylon insert in order to better grip the threads of a bolt or shaft and thereby preventing it from coming loose. It is used extensively for axles and other areas where nuts must stay secure, but it may need to be removed frequently for maintenance or repair.

Main topic

I keep buying cheap china crap from Facebook ads and I LOVE IT

New Drag strip and the first time running on it in a couple of years, (prepped tracks are a new breed when you have been gone for so long)

All the old and new faces.

And my prostock records its first 1.6 run!

Hey look I am the new MKS team manager!

NPRC Update

Facebook Questions

Casey Santos First hope all is ok in regards to the fires. But are you ready to move away from those...we can drag race all year long in Arizona

Richard Carter Hello Tim do a live show

Joe Zaier Jr Do you think liverc polls have an impact on the industry or are they a nice 2 minute distraction on a Monday?

Stephen A Nicholson Jr. Hahaha the points debauchery we had in Florida is a good subject lol

Nate Hauger Thoughts on running one car in two classes. For example a car like your 55 in street eliminator and either 2.50 index or all run.

Richard Carter Call in show

Mark Pavidis How fast do rc cars go

Darvione Huddleston Tim Smith did you do any major changes to the pro stock

Randy Krol In the video of your car going into the other lane, how much damage does a car have usually after a hit like that? Are they pretty strong when it comes to impact like that or are you rebuilding and retrimming the whole front end?



Joe Zaier Jr What kind of gyro do you use in your pro stock.

Napoleon Solo What’s going on with HPI? They going out of business or something?

Randy Krol With the fire going on I'm sure it's at a hault but how's your dad's truck going?

JP Sweeck What are your most fondest moments/memories you had in RC?

Desmond Dailey I got a plaque!!!!

Chris Trudeau Shout out to Matthew for his recent MBM Show and Randy . (Who BTW, I would vote for ROAR President in a Heartbeat)

What LHS do u frequent Tim and how often do you support the LHS vs your sponsors? Do you place special orders? What percentage of your hobby purchase is brick and mortar vs mouse click? How do you personally support the LHS, either thru promotion, purchases and other? What can your LHS do better and what are they doing right?

(In part, asking for a friend who is slowly taking over an LHS, and trying to draw in customers)

Desmond Dailey Is there any way to get a 3s castlev7700kv 2 pole caslte mm2 esc combo

Over 100mph in 132ft?

Michael Hahn Now that you have a track, when the boys with the large scale rides going to show up?

Joe Zaier Jr Here is a non rc question. What do you think Matt will look like when he hits his weight goals. Whenyou go through something like that you don't look like your old self. You don't look like a skinny version of your overweight self. You look like a third thing. Like I look like nosferatu

Josh Howard Did good at Lynnwood to fighting the gyro of this nitro motor.😁😁

Terry Kimbler · Friends with Ty Powers

Do you have any build/setup tips/tricks you’d be willing to share for someone building their first No Prep/Street Outlaw car?

John Linneman I bleave you said speed runs sometime soon? When can we expect it to go down

Jimmy Louis How high do RC cars go?

Richard Winkelman I have a gearing question but I think it is a little long winded . It is not a simple question.

Troy Schossow I have a new Tekin RS Pro Black to install in my 2s promod. I am going to run a 3.5 motor in it. How many and what size caps do you run and what do they attach to?

Rick Shepard I missed u lol. How close is the fire? What's your take on moxie the soda?

Alphie Adams Are you trying to set the record for the longest rc podcast episode?

Erich Reichert My question: When’s am ex-magazine guy/race promoter going to be on again!?

Chris Koller Tim Smith who got you into the hobby and at what age? Also where is this show, how do I listen?

Phillip Staab Is there anything better in RC than that racing these Street Outlaw cars?

Norris Graves Tim and Matt, I want to ask a questions about a radio setting. I would like to hear and understand Expo (Exponential). With both throttle and steering. I would like to know how it effect take off and any other keynotes. BTW I have had a few discussions with other and we didn't see eye to eye so I hope you can clear this up. :) YBB

Jeremy Drey When are you moving to Iowa? We got hay to bale and chores to do man.

Brian Smith When using Technology is that considered cheating or a handicap?????

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