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December 14th, 2018    

TSR Speed Shop RC podcast “Red Cat Racing Jeff Johns”

Enjoy as we sit down with New President of Red Cat racing Jeff John along with Founder Darin Oreman, and COO Dan Sloan to find out about all the exciting things they have planned!

December 13th, 2018    

TSR Speed Shop RC podcast “T’is the Season”

TSR Speed Shop RC podcast 

Hosts: Tim Smith and Matt Howson


Tim Notes:



Thank you Coy Roberts for filling in.


Christmas is here, what do you want?  MaxAmps Wraps, match your car why not?

**its been nearly a year of missing the old man


Cow RC pit mat deal, Order today or don’t it really doesn’t matter to me


Smashing an RC to pieces for a video… Why are we doing this and defending it is beyond me.


New drag strip is finally here


3D printing the learning curve begins


Christmas song:

Bashing through the snow,
In a MaxAmps powered Wraith

Over the fields we go
Wheelies all the way.

Cranking on the wheel
JConcepts griping tight

What fun it is to Drive and bash
An RC car tonight.

Oh RC cars RC cars you better get out of the way!
This thing will run 100 mph and hit you in the leg , Hey!

Merry Christmas~!

Jeff Johns leaves Axial and now all the roaches are scurrying around looking for a nut….lol



  • News items

 Worlds fun…..

Drake put a motor into Mayfield’s car, JQ called them out, Red’s dumps Mayfield because of it and supposable Tessman protested Ongaro’s car for using a Gyro (I have since been told that’s BS Tessman didn’t protest anyone)

Team Tekin? Why not!


RC Word of the Week “Brought to you by RC Driver Magazine”

Fail Safe

If the transmitter’s signal is lost or interrupted a fail safe unit returns the servo to a predetermined position to avoid dangerous runaways. A battery failsafe is a safety feature which brings the throttle servo down to idle as a warning that the receiver battery’s voltage is getting dangerously low.



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