TSR Speed Shop RC podcast “And you didn’t think there was anymore to say”

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Hosts: Tim Smith and Matt Howson

This week:

Tim Notes:

Vegas baby, Matt and I finally have face to face love.

Off Vegas living!

Todd and Chris = BBQ fun times, The wine she did flow

Gifts for Matt, bodies, shirts and love

Wife’s and parents made it even better “Rick a man among men”

Street/parking lot racing and the cool free gifts just for showing! I only took the 1 cell but it was a good time.

This is the example of why we say we can go anywhere and rip off passes.

Matt makes his first 1 cell hit

New MaxAmps 1 cell packs

New tires, new oil and all tinted windows!

Jconcepts sends all kinds of fun stuff!

5 days off and now I am lost at work….. I have a real issue taking time off and it’s a concern.

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 Proline by the fire

 RC Word of the Week “Brought to you by RC Driver Magazine”


When the needles on the carburetor are set such that the engine is not getting enough fuel, this is referred to as running lean. Running too lean may help fuel economy and appear to make the vehicle run better; however, it is also a sure way to shorten the life of the engine.


Main topic


I built a 1 cell speed run car.

Whats in it?

Where did that chassis come from?

Lets talk power

Where you going to run it?

Ok how fast can it go?

Is there a point to going that fast?


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Thanks to:

MaxAmps, MKS Servos, Tekin, Graupner, CowRC, Rudis Motorsports, TSR Power Paste, Gone Bananas, Team TSR and all the Fans!