TSR Speed Shop RC podcast The Holidays are back and so are We!

TSR podcast Episode

“Holidays are back and so are We”

Hosts: Tim Smith and Matt Howsen


  • Show introduction and welcome.


Tim Notes:


Christmas flatware from liberty tabletop oh how I love you! And free stuff for Timmy


Jeff Phiefer sending much love.


Public service announcement:

Don’t walk after your car on a run….

You can’t touch your car once its staged

You have to stage your own car… What the heck is going on here?



Ty Campbell and his sweet ass street outlaw


The street outlaw thing might actually be getting bigger!


Johnathan Schultz winning big at the cash day in a new Reflex

 AMA and the proline drag race, Let’s talk about it some (oh wait that’s the last one.)

 JConcepts new belted drag tires, beta testing fun

 Belted tires? Lets talk about the evolution of the street outlaw tires and how little I seem to know about it all.


 News items


 Some dude punches another dude in the face…. Off-road you bunch of babies….

 New Yeah racing lightweight digital scale… Is this really where it has gone.. and you wonder why I can’t consider RC companies real companies…




  • RC Word Of the Week (brought to you by RC Driver)

Zip Tie

 A term commonly used for plastic cable wraps because of the zipping sound it makes when tightened. A good pit box will always have several sizes buried among the hex wrenches and dead glow plugs.



Main Topic:

 I won 17.5 the last two races and now what have I done……..

Tim wins the 17.5 class with parkers slow motor…. Could it be the weight of it all

I am running too many classes and that has to stop

Me and the kid tied for first… Now what am I going to do with one race left?

 The prostock is dead but it has been brought back as a 17.5 car and its Awesome!

 17.5 Let’s go down the list of what it takes to build one and why they are so dang fun.



Featured Item of the week

MaxAmps mah 7.4v 2 cell lipo battery, 79.99   200 grams  12 awg deans ultra wire, True 150C



Thank you to MaxAmps, MKS Servo, Tekin racing, Graupner USA, CowRC, Gone Bananas racing skins, RAE chassis, All you awesome fans, We love you all!