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March 28th, 2020    

TSR Speed Shop RC podcast “Virus Dayz AKA Street Outlaw tips and tricks”

TSR podcast Episode

“The Virus”

Hosts: Tim Smith and Matt Howsen


  • Show introduction and welcome.


 Tim Notes:

 New Chair for Timmy!

 Whats on the bench segment?

 I am Essential and its not all its cracked up to be….

Work now requires all kinds of new things to do that make the day WAY longer…

 I thought we would do lots of shows but….

 All the new videos are fun to see

 How is the family doing? How are all of you doing?

Worldmeter.info visit if you are ready for the impactful truth…..


  • News items

 New 55 Chevy and Camaro from JConcepts and the Daddy Dave truck is coming!


 RC Word Of the Week (brought to you by RC Driver)

          Traction Compound   A liquid substance applied to tires to enhance traction.



Main Topic:

 My street outlaw, how much should I tell you, well before it comes from someone else that claims to be the originator.

 I have a Nova, Octane and 55 Chevy to paint but I am leaning towards the 55 as the car I will campaign.

 Let’s talk thought all the parts.

Nose: Servo, linkage, shocks (oil, limiters, springs) tires

Rear: shocks (oil, limiters, springs) sway bar, Tires

Power: Tekin RS Pro black on a Tekin Gen3 4.5 sensored motor. (pro2 chat) Bluetooth connection via my phone.

Battery: MaxAmps 4750 graphene shorty (charge rates, how often do you recharge, storage between racing.)

Rear tires: Clay is not gay!

Trans: diff lube and gears

Wheelie bar: Jakes Performance. Wheelie bar wheels

Chassis tuning: shocks, sway bar, wheelie bar.

Body mounting and now things are getting serious… Screw in buttons and a bumper mounting system from McAlister racing.

Wings and things: well our friends at undercover racing who make sweet rear wings (spoilers) but Tim what about splitters and canards and all that silliness.

I still believe the DB10 is the best platform for a street outlaw car, but the rest of the aftermarket world has not joined the fun and made parts for it like the slash.


Power tune, thank you street in front of my house where I do hits every day.

Featured Item of the week

JConcepts 55 Chevy street outlaw body, 50 bucks and the hood scoop is removable! Win Win!


Thank you to MaxAmps, MKS Servo, Tekin racing, Graupner USA, CowRC, All you awesome fans, We love you all!

March 7th, 2020    

TSR Speed Shop RC podcast “Tyler and Coy, King of the Streets” part 2

We dig a little deeper into the King of the Streets no prep cash day race with the minds behind the mayhem Tyler (RCDrag Talk) and Coy of the Arizona drag racing league. Plus even more RC fun with Tim and Matt!

Hang on kids the shows are coming Fast and Furious!



TSR podcast Episode

“King of the Streets Part 2”

Hosts: Tim Smith and Matt Howsen

Guests: Tyler and Coy



  • Show introduction and welcome.



Tim Notes:


Johnny and his camel killing fun in Irac.


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  • RC Word Of the Week (brought to you by RC Driver)


(mAh) This is a rating for batteries. The higher the milliamp rating, the longer the cell can provide power. Currently, most RC batteries range from 1500 to 3300 milliamp hours.

Main Topic:


Main topic:


How did the two of you (coy/tyler) hook up?


How did you get the idea to have this race?


What made you think charging 100 bucks a car would work?


When did you realize it was becoming something special in the RC world?


What do you see coming from this event?


Do you plan to do more than just this one once a year?

The event seemed great, was there anything you felt unprepared for?



Were you as shocked as me that no police or even security came to see what 150 people were doing in a big parking lot on a Saturday afternoon?




Josh Twist: not a question but it was awesome to hear your story about Jimmy Jet


Gary Unser: More Jimmy Jet


John Mcmasters: You should get Jimmy on the show somehow.


Phillip Staab: Tyler and Coy two of my favorite guys in all of RC. What surprised you most about the KoS race? I know neither of you competed in the race but was it still fun?


Stephen Nicholson: your thoughts on slick tires vs treaded tires. Which do you prefer and do you think one has an advantage over the other?



Mike asks: What’s the difference between a SC10 based chassis and the newer DB10 based one.

Biggest minus if one used the older style SC10 era?


Jeremiah Bacon Sahlberg: is there a motor limit in no prep drag racing. I am thinking of getting the hobbywing stock system. Also do you remember a podcast called cooking with Nitro it was many years ago.


Jeff Mcdowell: Can we get a tri-state series set up? Vegas, Phoenix, Elsinore?

Gary Unser: Super Stock class, discuss the class and rules.


Erik Denk: Race looked amazing. Good job on helping the young gunner out by giving him a body. That is what this hobby needs more of “people being great ambassadors of the hobby they love and want to see flourish” Well done Tim smith hope you make it out to Az so we can show you how we do it here, Keep up the good work!


Bryan Tilson: big wings and tire goop, discuss?


Brad Reeves: when is the JConcetps camaro body going to be released?


John Shultz: are you building a big wing for your car?


Phillip Staab: It was great meeting you in Vegas, after racing with the fastest street outlaw cars in the nation what are your thoughts? Giant rear wings the same as a gyro?


Jake Rosen: after building all the excitement did you have fun?


Dennis Coleman: did you use tire sauce at the KoS? What type of tires were the Hawaii guys running?


Frank Chiechi: is ther any advantage to these after market chassis?


Jake Rosen: ok, serious question here: NPRC has brought more new people into rc drag racing then anything ever has. Will the traditional drag racers be able to attract some of these new people to the solid axle foam tire super fast cars?


 Featured Item of the week


New JConcepts Camaro body


Thank you to MaxAmps, MKS Servo, Tekin racing, Graupner USA, CowRC, All you awesome fans, We love you all!

March 4th, 2020    

TSR Speed Shop RC podcast “KING of the STREETS”



Here we go kids, The KING of the Streets! This truly was the greatest RC event I have ever witnessed and Boy oh Boy do I have stories.  Plus I got a chance to find out what the other half live like as I attended the DNC (Dirt Nitro Challenge) a week earlier. Wow what an RC world I have been in, sit back and relax because there is a lot to cover.


Enjoy, love Tim and Matt


TSR podcast Episode

Hosts: Tim Smith and Matt Howson

This week:  The King Of The Streets


Tim Notes:


The dirt nitro challenge, good time talking to all kinds of pro guys, Ryan Mayfield and Jason Rona to name a few.

It wasn’t as big as I thought it would be, but I guess that’s how it works.

Meet Keenan from No name Podcast and or course JQ was there, that was odd and a bit uncomfortable…

Went to the parking lot to do some hits and it was like the moons surface but she ripped right down the middle.


Most people would leave their stuff alone with a huge race coming up but not this clown…. So I tired to add some more power at home at night in the dark and backed her into the curb seemily destroying everything… I have rolled this car over and over and not broke this much stuff….


Two days out and I smash the car all up.

The parts list….

The wheelie bar, Jake performance for the save, or is it!

Well if I got no parts I might as well go with the boss to the bar and have a few beers… not my best idea…

I couldn’t quite get it squire and no time to do hits I had to guess and go with it…


The out pouring of support for this was crazy, cars parts anything I needed people were offering left and right. Thank you to all of you for offering it was humbling to say the least.


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RC Word of the Week “Brought to you by RC Driver Magazine”



The condition that’s usually present when the rear wheels lose traction before the front wheels ending up with the rear of your vehicles swinging around through turns. Adjusting shocks, stickier tires or more rear down force are some possible solutions.


Main topic


King of the streets


The drive up, aka Jimmy Jet Nelison, baker California what on earth was this guy doing here?


Of course I was late, what can you expect from me?


I couldn’t believe my eyes when we drove in. More cars and people then I ever imagined on a free parking lot


A little testing and no one seemed crazy fast in fact the cars were a little loose on this parking lot so we all had to turn down a bit to make it happen.


Chip draw round one, me vs the lumber jack from Sonoma, yies! The car goes left…

Lots of good cars fell out in the first round, maybe trying to go a bit too fast out of the box or nerviorness, I know I was.


Find a penny pick it up, Round two the bye draw!! Red 7! The car goes right…


The warrior round, the battery. Guess what the car went right…


Now that’s over let the fun begin! Time to talk and giveaway some stuff. First up the car body.


More batteries, lol I am going to run out of stuff.  My sneak leave of a MKS 550 servo


Paul willhite from Proline, thank you for the support.


Associated Thank you for the Great support.


RC bombshells

NPRC chapters, Hawaii, Colorado, Arizona, Sonoma, Socal, Oklahoma, Texas and so many more. Sorry I was not able to get around to talk to everyone.


What did I learn and see, belted tires, laydown and reverse gear boxes, shock oils and stiffness,


The finals, Ricky Bellotti  vs  jeff mcdowell, chip draw, lane choice and off we go!

420 2nd, 3880 1st, Largest pay out for a single race event?


Now that all the is over lets do some grudge racing and win some money!

I managed to get into about 8 races and think I won them all. I slowly got the car dialed in a bit but something is wrong with it… I did squeeze a couple hundred bucks out of the folks. Then with one battery left I pulled it out and off it went to a new home.  So I went home with two less bodies and three less batteries  and one less MKS 550… lol hope I don’t get into trouble J now I need new batteries.

Oh and I think I killed my ESC, on the last race I made (which I won J in the shut down she gave up. But I did run the crap out of it and got it too hot.

Maybe back to the four pole and where to go from there?


My Hawaiian friends, people from everywhere it was mind blowing what I was witnessing, it was a grand historical event in RC and I was part of it. That all happened on a free parking lot! They took no money and man did they run an efficient race, holy Cow it was great and all done by basically three people.


John Shultz and that whole total mess, time to set the record straight….


Back to the race and awesome it was,  so many to thank,  I had to make a list, Tyler, Ashley, Coy, Shawn, My wife, John and Jonathan, Philip, Ricky on his win and the whole Sonoma crew, my new Hawaiian brothers, the cops for never coming or caring what we were doing.


Wrap up the drive home was nice actually to really sort through all that had just happened, I though to myself that moving when I was getting dressed that this day was going to be filled with lots of emotions and  I was excited to see what came from it. Well it was perfect and everything was so good I couldn’t think I a thing I would change even from the free parking lot and the weird fear that at any moment the cops could show up and run us all off, I could only think that there so many of us they all just assumed we rented it or somehitng. Historical, epic high lights in RC all the words work for what this event was. It was the perfect storm of timing and people and I only hope this is the start a  great thing in Rc and not a once in a lifetime stick of lighting, I don’t think that is the case I think this was more of the welcome to the world moment for RC drag racing. So long it had been hiding in the shadows of these weird hand made cars that didn’t look like real race cars people outside of hard core drag racing would recognize but this street outlaw thing was just a perfect thing for the time and the people and it’s the most exciting thing in RC and I think this event should show that.

Think about it this was a free parking lot we just showed up in.

All the promotion was done on social media or the podcast so again free.

The people that ran the show, the dream team did take any of the pot for their effort, normally the winners give 10-15% of the win to the race host as a thank you but I don’t know if that happened, I hope it did.

But look at this event, 43 cars for one class, at least 150+ people many just came out to watch and see what and or who would actually show up for this race. Just mind blowing to me.


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  • Featured Item of the week


MaxAmps 4750mah 2 cell grapheme shorty, 89 bucks and they are awesome!


Thanks to:

MaxAmps, MKS Servos, Gruapner, CowRC, Tekin, Team TSR and all the Fans!





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