TSR Speed Shop RC podcast “Arizona or Bust”

TSR podcast Episode

Arizona or Bust”

Hosts: Tim Smith and Matt Howsen


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Tim Notes:


Truce talk, If, When and WHY?



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In its simplest terms, this refers to the size of a gear’s teeth. For instance, a 32-pitch pinion gear has larger teeth than a 48-pitch gear. The number represents how many teeth per inch.



Main Topic:



Arizona Cash Night.


The drive up was uneventful


Get to see Todd and its HOT


Another wife takes me out in first round… Is this my new thing?


No freeway over pass lights made a dark rack so not many photos or video


Ran the DB10 into a light pole then won the next round.


I ran the DB10 and it wheelies a lot so I learned something about roads, flat vs crowns and wheelie cars vs driver cars. So much being learned every time I go out and this is 100% the reason I wanted to get to racing even if I really am not at a level to win anything.

The DB10 was a cone lover…..


I did run the Arrow after the event had wrapped up and made about 15 hits in a row. Some good mostly bad BUT it seems to be working now with smaller front shocks.


Went to the B side and won my first round, then realized all the fast dudes were on that ladder and now I am screwed…


Lost to James but he won so that’s not bad

Chatted all night long


Falling in love with the Vanishing point car mostly because its AE based, and I seem to love that.


The Vanishing point Slash conversion (see live feed)


Is Losi coming out with a car?


Shout out to Alan, James and the crew for putting on such a well-run race. 1200 bucks to winner, 150 to B side

I got a shirt! Thanks!!


Trying to sleep without a noise machine…. WTF


Drive home, why not I am awake.


No breakfast thanks Covid-19 Bugles and fun-onions

The big Red BUG


Long drive but it was nice, and I should plan to do it more often.


I NEED a Solid race car…..


Found a hidden shirt and hat in the car! Thanks, Coy


Featured Item of the week


Thank you to MaxAmps, MKS Servo, Tekin racing, Graupner USA, CowRC, All you awesome fans, We love you all!