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August 8th, 2020    

TSR Speed Shop RC podcast “Night Two, James Gallatin”

TSR podcast Episode

The ARROW Car”

Hosts: Tim Smith and Matt Howsen


  • Show introduction and welcome.



Tim Notes:



Good Bye to our friend Grant…..


(MY) Covid world…. And my week at home…


Battery Break in secret

  1. 1st run half power, full squeeze 2-3 seconds burst and recharge

  2. 2nd run, 2 passes 2-3 seconds back to back, recharge

  3. 3rd run, Full power 1 pass full squeeze. Recharge

  4. 4th run, 2 passes back to back full power, full squeeze 3 second burst, recharge

  5. You will see less heat and puff and from here forward you can go crazy.


I spent 100 bucks to narrow my car 1 inch


13.5 class WTF did I do?


Kitchen draw wheels for wheelie bar wheels! RAD

Jalapeno Balls…..


Super Chip race and James Dribble in the ARROW 70 mph

Not as big as others but still a nothing historical RC drag race.

Tire problems, lets talk about tire prep.


Where are all the tires? No Clay, no belted… What the heck is happening?



Add a timing system and watch all you people go away……

  • News items


Happy Birthday MATT!


Vegas cash night (Friday… What the heck) so I didn’t go

Mark and Jack in the finals both Az dudes. Mark won… But wait there is more!

Tire prep issues… Drama that didn’t involve me for once.


The Thick chassis is on the site! (What would I run if I was ordering?)


Jconcepts Caddy body is released.


The new Cuda body… Oh BOY


Route 66 Flagstaff cash race AUG 22, I plan to go


  • RC Word Of the Week (brought to you by RC Driver)

Slipper Clutch

This refers to a device found primarily in off-road vehicles that allows the spur gear to slip under excessive load. This feature protects the driveline from excessive wear and, when set properly, makes it easier to drive in loose conditions.



Main Topic:




Did another cash day and well I am consistent…. First round looser, this time at least it was to a fast car…

Tyler is doing a great job, we are all seeing racing out here grow and that’s awesome, New people new fun.


Got to do testing and it went great! Met a bunch of new folks and all where super cool, I have no idea what everyone’s name is but I look forward to getting to test with them again.


Good lord it was hot


So, lets talk about the arrow car, I finally LOVE IT!


Shocks (front 62mm, 80wt; rear 75mm, 80wt)


Motor and ESC (RSPro black, 4.5 Eliminator)


The chassis likes Rake


Slipper and transmission (locked diff “no more leaking diff..) Built a new transmission and things are better... weird.

The slipper… I don’t even want to talk about it but here goes. It’s a VTS Revolution slipper an so far its worked for me but I am not sure any slipper wouldn’t have worked it was the first I tired.


Thank you to Troy and James for so much help and guidance.


When I went to Az it was to learn and man did I ever, plus all these guys were very open to helping. James has been nothing but help with ideas and very open to what he is doing and what’s worked (friend?). I can’t thank him enough for the help and Troy for encouraging me to try a slipper.


Tire warmers, oh BOY those guys use them and now I see why! The benefits of using one are higher then the cost to me.


Tire gluing machine is wonderful, now that I have used it a few times its pretty great.


Found some new wheels I really like that have massive offset (proline f11)


Belted tires and my battle with the car wanting to turn left at halftrack. My bodies are too low.


I did score over 47k views on the video of my care spinning down the track, but I also learned what the heck is going on with my car. Made Gabe’s day… some people…..


Can I run non belted again? I am not sure, but I hope so.


I do love that I feel good inside that I have a solid game plan for the car each run. I know I am at the beginning, but it feels closer.


MaxAmps 4750 Graphene shorties are so great I often over look what I have in battery power!


Testing adjustments


Now I need more power (how are you going to do that?)


Maybe some teeth on the pinion


Do we need to build a dyno yet?


No More Street Hits!


Car weight is 2060 grams with all the brass add on and the thick chassis. 2300 with a body


What body, I am not in love with the Shark at all and if my wife had not made such a big deal about how she loves it I would have already tossed it, But I want to run a real looking car so now what?

What do we have to pick from?


Its Finally a RACE CAR! That took a while for me to come around on but I am here, so much so I put stickers on my chassis and when I do that its because I see it as a race car now.


The track vs no prep, is track racing dead? Well it kind of was but now with Covid and all the fun of manufactures making parts for no prep (never for track cars) track drag racing was just passed up like it always has been. Long days and high cost to win what a plaque at best?


This Saturday is a cash race in Simi valley (2 hours away) To go or not to go

How much could you win if you had a fast car and just spent your time going from cash race to cash race?


Featured Item of the week


Muchmore tire warmer…. Its about 150 bucks but it’s pretty awesome. Get one from our buddy Randy over at 1UP racing.



Thank you to MaxAmps, MKS Servo, Tekin racing, CowRC, JConcepts, Raw Speed, MIP, Proline (So many that support me or RC Drag Racing) All our awesome fans, We love you all!

August 7th, 2020    

TSR Speed Shop RC podcast “Spicy Jalapeno”

Night one of another two night show case


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