TSR Speed Shop RC podcast “On The Road Again”

TSR podcast Episode

On the Road Again”

Hosts: Tim Smith and Matt Howsen


  • Show introduction and welcome.





Tim Notes:


Battery break in and how I cycle packs


Funny how easy in the RC hobby we rape other people’s ideas….


The old wiggle some part that’s clearly broken in a video…..


Bodies how lucky are we?? SO many to pick from its crazy


Tire prep rule and why it is even this way, basically its for all the cheaters that we cant control.

Fantom motor sheet, one rotor reading, no sensor board and stack resistance… I should call it the data for people that have no idea what they are looking at… its feel good data.


Ryan Mayfield out doing test hits in the street, good times all over.


Old questions from the last show we missed.

Tommy Burgess: No prep is getting stupid fast in a hurry, what do you think?

Dale Tounzen: does bracing the stock arrow work?

Mark Vyne: Feeling on tire prep?


New questions.


  • News items


Birthday Bash race, Saturday night (8pm) start time.


RCX coming back to Pomona May 22? Really?


  • RC Word Of the Week (brought to you by RC Driver)

A Arm

This generally refers to the upper and lower suspension arm of a vehicle; the arm’s 2-point chassis hinge and single point mount at the hub resembles the letter “A”.




Main Topic:



Street wars another perfectly inconsistent consistent race for me.


Before we get to that I did manage to sneak into a Proline video…


The car worked for a few hits and then went right, and I mean right. It doesn’t help that I keep drawing the fastest dudes in first round but come on I need a race car!


Trip to Arizona with my girl


What a burger, what a disappointment




Two races, One day! I could only make one race though….


Met Colin Branch and of course racing in AZ is always fun. Got some time with John Schutlz and my buddy Todd Solterio.


The car was not good, back to turning left on the hit. And I mean like worst then you have ever seen…. Now what?


Found a dead bearing and another bend dogbone….. ok this is getting silly, how on earth can narrowing a car cause all these issues?


Same kid won both races, Hats off for that effort. Kyle Ahs


Dutch bros coffee, So lets talk about the line and experience. Long ass line, gave us the coffee early (stress) and then we finally got out of the line quicker then I expected.


I am don’t trying to keep this car narrow, it worked or at least started to work wide and ugly so guess what its going to be wide again.


So off we go to rebuild it all….


Tire prep and what I have learned and tired.


Birthday Race and what is my plan for this one… No where to go but up




Featured Item of the week


MaxAmps 5000 Mah Graphene 2 cell hard case 99.00

This new graphene technology provides incredible benefits including:


High power energy density

Low internal resistance

High discharge rate

Long cycle life from improved electrical and thermal energy

Better charge retention



45+mph in most brushless setups (7.4 volts)

True 175C rating

30 minutes average run time (5000mah capacity)

ROAR Approval Pending

Lifetime Warranty

5C fast charge capable

Hard outer case

5mm bullet connectors

138mm x 47mm x 25mm


Thank you to MaxAmps, MKS Servo, Tekin racing, Graupner USA, CowRC, All you awesome fans, We love you all!