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June 23rd, 2021    

TSR Speed Shop RC podcast “The Break Out Break Down”

TSR podcast Episode

The Break Out Break Down”

Hosts: Tim Smith and Matt Howsen


  • Show introduction and welcome.

Big Chief winning a cash day

Tim Notes:

The build

Car review


Broken stuff

Wheelie bar weight box

Summer Mayhem “Matchup madness” June 26th drag race 64 car shoot out, full

  • News items

ROAR Nationals fuel tank issues.... repeat...

Horizon buys AKA tires

Scotty Ernsts Straight line showdown Entry 125, Double elimination, 2 classes, Aug 27-29 Great lakes dragaway union grove Wi

Payouts top 16 outlaw

payouts top 8 in super sport

payouts top 4 in RTR class

  • RC Word Of the Week (brought to you by RC Driver)

Servo Horn:

Attaches to the servo and is the link between the servo and the steering linkage.


Servo Saver:

Usually a servo horn that uses a spring to absorb sudden shock or impact coming from the servo linkage. This helps prevent breakage of the servo.



Main Topic:

Facebook Questions

Corey Lively

What are your thoughts on a 1.7 pass being put down by Sean Stanford running a REAR MOTOR car with a Shark body during the testing before the event? Pretty cool and seems to have went a bit under the radar with all the other awesome stuff going on during the event.


Kidd Sims

Now that we have two mega races in the books. What could I (as a mega race promoter) improve on to insure everyone has a great time.


Chris Gilliland

Track temps definitely played a role in traction for the event. How do you know when to turn it down?? Great meeting you finally!!


Willie Trent

Tim Smith with it being a concrete surface I think a lot of people expected to see some record times being ran but that didn’t exactly happen. I know the surface was good and had bite but was it also not as good as everyone expected? It looked really coarse and not as smooth as one would expect and seemed to being giving people trouble especially on the big end.


Kerry Adams

First I want to say that was an awesome weekend. Second I wish Matt could have been there to see those sub 2 second runs. I would have liked to see the look on his face. Question is now is everyone ready for Colorado in July?


Jeremy Oldham

Went no prep racing for my first time Sunday and now I'm hooked. First time I was right there with my car thanks to your show it went straight and fairly fast.

Ok now for my question:

What can we do to get Joe Zaier Jr to try drag racing?


Kerry Adams

Oh and Tim you were so nice to chat with my girlfriend about sunburned ears.


Brad Waldrop

It was great meeting you, i had a wonderful time can’t wait for the next one!


Lonnie DeTurck

Love your podcast.

My question is on “discharge” before charging your battery to help IR and help the battery from dropping voltage. What do you recommend and if discharging is needed what unit do you recommend and at what rate to discharge.

Thanks a bunch


Yeti B.

What did you think of the firebird body?


Chip Puccio

Slipper or slipper eliminator and why?


Brian Elkins

Consistency or Send it? What do you think made it farther..


Yeti B.

What is next for toy tim?



Rick Schaper

Did you try stiffening up the rear suspension dampening for the added traction?


JC Myers

I have a question about tires at bracket races. How do you recommend handling tires between rounds? Do you clean and prep 1 set or do you ever swap tires to save time. I always end up scrambling between rounds. Thanks and Love the show!


Joe Zaier Jr

If the no prep cars are running the same times of a proper pro stock, what's the point of no prep? It seems like people are lighting money on fire for the sake of lighting money on fire. I'm just a spectator in this


Reflection: The start of drag racing, the years of tracks, Street outlaws, Cars, Bodies, ESC, Big Chief

Compare 1990 car to a 2021 drag car


Featured Item of the week

Five Star Hobbies 3D printed shock mount (61036) 15.00


Thank you to MaxAmps, Maclan Racing, MKS Servo, Five Star, CowRC, All you awesome fans, We love you all!

June 2nd, 2021    

TSR Speed Shop RC podcast “2021 SuperChip Race Review”

TSR podcast Episode

2021 SuperChip”

Hosts: Tim Smith and Matt Howsen

Guest Colin Branch


  • Show introduction and welcome.


Tim Notes:

Kyles birthday

  • News items


  • RC Word Of the Week (brought to you by RC Driver)


The angle, from vertical, of the wheels. Negative camber is when the top of the tire is closer to the center of the vehicle than the bottom of the tire. Negative camber is commonly used to add stability in bumps. Positive camber is when the bottom of the tire is closer to the center of the vehicle than the top of the tire. Positive camber is not commonly used.


Main Topic:


Are you taking the truck? Oh boy

The flight, I love that they still have barf bags

not as many people cough anymore in public lol

Vegas airport weed vending machines and 69 dollar lunches

stand up in my aisle karma buddy

Rental truck

Tornado watch

The hotel, oh boy, leaking toilets and feeling like I was going to fall though oh and a few cops

Food at the Shilo, Glitter moles, snow cones and leather paints. Sweet tea

OKC life and how we fit in: Walmart shopping, we don't need no stinking masks kid, new shirts for Timmy and the family.

High school champs, WOW

The Kyle Christy driving school

The ice cream truck of RC bodies showed up!

Tables, chairs and exups

Big Chief sending you a pin drop to test... wow here we go

Friday testing! Two cars two paths Todds Fivestar and my undercover (still testing stuff)

the surface and the tire prep.

The 1320 video guys! That was awesome

Pre testing was fast but at the track it was all normal, really weird but its possible.

Went out with a plan and a good feeling we were right in the mix with a 2.1

The tebo experience, the guy is a machine and was the last one to leave... 3am night

Race Day! Chip draw, new weather and the count down to big chief.

The people and the friendliness, lets also clean up a few relationships

First round mistakes and learning

I split my pants!

Chief is HERE! Now what???? the shirt shrug was nearly too much for me.

Second round and more learning the old guy got his eyes drilled out. Lucky Chief had video lol

I am out so let The Big Chief experience begin.

Jackie, winner, winner chicken dinner.

Live RC, photos, autographs it was an amazing experience I hope everyone enjoyed as much as I did.

Starting line fun, finger that or peddle it you pick?

Kyles charger screen, hey my bars are green yours are red, when is my wife's birthday again?

Time to say good by to Chief and send him home with some stuff, ok send him home with everything.

Lets talk about the race a bit more, Congratulations to team AZ its not a shock but what was it they were doing right? Brian Manske, Mark Vyne (2.01-2.03, .284-.260 .002) this was how I was hopping it would end up the fastest guys in the end and that's exactly what happened.

Lets talk about what it took to go rounds here.

What can do to make it even better? We got an issue and I got answers.

I didnt win but I left with full arms of memories and cars!

New Fivestar team driver, With my boy Todd! New car, innovations, build manuals and more! Jared baker Bob Hamilton and dont forget the body!!!!!!

Whats the plan now Timmy, Topeka maybe?


The people: Greg Bridgewater and Jared mills, Big Chief and Jackie, Ben Boileau, Russ Bryant, Craig Fleek, David Logsdon, Jared Tebo, Todd Solteiro, Kyle and Riley Kristy, Colin Branch,


Live RC, Dessert hobbies, 1320 video crew, Jconcepts, Fivestar,


Featured Item of the week

6300 mah brick pack


Thank you to MaxAmps, Maclan Racing, MKS Servo, FiveStar chassis, Undercover drag wings All you awesome fans, We love you all!


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