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October 6th, 2021    

TSR Speed Shop RC podcast The Class Wrecker ”Frank Ulbrik”

TSR podcast Episode

Frank Ulbrik”

Hosts: Tim Smith and Colin Branch

Ep 149

Show introduction and welcome.

Tim Notes:

20 year together, Hawaii bound!

The Christys and Covid

Get over yourselves…. I mean seriously we still live in a world where we can give our opinion or even criticisms. You put stuff out for the public to digest and you Might get back what they think…

If you have ever forwarded something or told someone something to upset them you are the problem, please remove yourself I don’t need you.

Now was it the best drag race coverage, well it was MILES better and that shouldn't

go without mentioning.

News items

Bitty design body and rear wing. Do we need to talk about wing heights or just let it go?

DRC rear belted drag tires.

CKNP Rodney Centers wins both outlaw and 13.5 at the East coast shootout Chris Gilliland

RC Tip Of the Week (brought to you by Colin)


Main Topic:


Frank Ulbrik


Featured Item of the week

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Thank you to MaxAmps, MKS Servo, Maclan racing, Graupner USA, CowRC, All you awesome fans, We love you all!

September 22nd, 2021    

TSR Speed Shop RC podcast ”Love to Race, Race to Love”

TSR podcast Episode 148

Arizona is Calling my Name”

Hosts: Tim Smith and Colin Branch


Show introduction and welcome.



Tim Notes:

Mark Vyne leaving the Bullet for GFRP to join forces with Frank (family fun)

And just like that everyone sold their bullet chassis.

There are distinct levels in no prep these days.

1990 body mounting comes into fashion

Don’t tell anyone but I ordered a shark body…. I know (Track Star hobbies)

News items

Bitty designs new body, Yes or No? I said yes with my money.

DRC rear belted tires on the way.

RC Tip Of the Week (brought to you by Colin)

Main Topic:

Arizona trip, First up the 5 hour drive


Next lets look at some houses and this big new building.


OK, lets Race! Oh yeah its hot….


What was the set up?


What tires did the trick?


San Diego cash day.


Crash and smash! Tire blow out?


Why you got to go left? (Here we go again…)


Lets go some rounds!


The Big grudge match to 800 bucks!


OMG I made the finals! Wheelie time for Timmy!


Sunday testing, back at it and I run a record mph right off the bat!


Featured Item of the week

MaxAmps 5800 Mah brick pack, special No prep edition on its way.


Thank you to MaxAmps, MKS Servo, Maclan racing, CowRC, All you awesome fans, We love you all!

September 1st, 2021    

TSR Speed Shop RC podcast ”Colin hits the Road”

TSR podcast Episode

Colin Hits the Road”

Hosts: Tim Smith and Colin Branch


  • Show introduction and welcome.

Tim Notes:

Testing day or night.

Don't eat a huge Mexican meal and drink a couple of mango margaritas

New gold car testing, Same spot a little different at night

Race car, blowing spurs and front weight boxes

Heat, sauce, heat, race

The thousand dollar bet

Getting yourself involved in what others are already doing only to claim you can do it better is not helping.....

  • MY kids think its cool to drive around, What?


  • News items

    RC Tip Of the Week (brought to you by Colin Branch)

Main Topic:

Outlaw is still the perfect rc class like it or not, look at this last race, so many different combos all running less then a tenth of a second apart,

Three tier of et, 1.9-2.0, 2.1-2.2 2.3 and up

under 70 at 2.0 and over 77 at 2.0, still so many ways to get it done.

Straightline showdown, live feed, event view from someone not on the grounds.

Listener questions:

Featured Item of the week

Mad Fish designs tire covers!

Thank you to MaxAmps, Maclan Racing, MKS Servo, Five Star, CowRC, All you awesome fans, We love you all!

August 26th, 2021    

TSR Speed Shop RC podcast “Mark Vyne”

TSR podcast Episode 146

Mark Vyne”

Hosts: Tim Smith and Colin Branch


Show introduction and welcome.

Stacked Crate challenge, I LOVE IT

Covid scare……

Jeff Zuccarell wins King of the Smokies

Tim Notes:

No racing for Timmy…. But I did get the new Breakout chassis all put together and its beautiful. “RC speed secrets, MaxAmps, MKS, DRK”

News items

Salt Lake city Concrete Clash (winner- Ray Myers 3375 cash money)

Proline narrow fronts

RC Tip of the Week (brought to you by Colin)

Main Topic:

Mark Vyne 

Featured Item of the week

Curved Lexan scissors, buy a set and thank me later

Thank you to MaxAmps, MKS Servo, Maclan racing, Graupner USA, CowRC, All you awesome fans, We love you all!

August 11th, 2021    

TSR Speed Shop RC podcast “Racers Gonna Do What Racers Do”

TSR podcast Episode 145

Kyle Christy Listener Questions”

Hosts: Tim Smith and Colin Branch


Show introduction and welcome.


Tim Notes:


Frank ulbrik going 80 and low 1.8, the race is on. Catching that Tom Rockwell.

Then we got Chief going 2.05 at 78 mph on the gnss too!

Irwindale race, on the strip, no mark vyne, Jordan Yancy wins


News items

Jeff Johns opens “Rebel RC” the new Axial


RC Tip Of the Week (brought to you by Colin)


Main Topic:


Race break down with Kyle

Listener questions


Featured Item of the week


MKS HBL 575sl servo, Low pro and 149.99 bucks but its all that and a bottle of aftershave. Don’t underestimate the power of a good servo.


Thank you to MaxAmps, MKS Servo, Maclan racing, Graupner USA, CowRC, All you awesome fans, We love you all!

August 5th, 2021    

TSR Speed Shop RC podcast “Big Chief The RC Racer!”

TSR podcast Episode 144

Big Chief and his RC life”

Hosts: Tim Smith and Colin Branch

Show introduction and welcome.

Tim Notes:

Nearly a second round of the Jalapeno story.

I need VooDoo tires lol

Listener questions

Allen Ruble

About what final drive ratio do you shoot for on a 2t to 4.5t motors?? Also the rpm of the motor?

(team associated base car)

Rusty Brooks

My question is for all three of you to discuss. Can you talk about what you do to prep a Reaction tire before mounting? Also after mounting is there anything else that you do before you say they’re ready to use?

Nat Hyde

Do you know of a reliable motor or chassis dyno to test under load conditions? Wouldn't that be better than using the SkyRC motor analyzer?

Sean Genung

Thank you for the opportunity to ask questions. Mine is with shocks. Specifically when building shocks do you want a dead shock like in oval racing with say a bladder on top like the 57 design setup or bleed them with some recoil? Thank you for your time and your knowledge.

Stephen A Nicholson Jr.

I know shortages on things have put a damper on some things but are y'all gonna eventually make a ESC that will handle more amps ? And yes I understand the one we have now is fine lol but who doesn't like more power

Erik Denk

Question for you guys...Why is Team AZ making so many rounds at the races they attend? What’s the advantage they have.

Corey Lively

When finding your gearing and developing your tune for your car, which comes first the gear or the tune? Does your tune change with gear or vice versa and if so, how?

Robert Diamond

Parity in racing and between battery types such as the brick versus a standard 2cell

Jeramy Joseph Olson

Hey it’s OKO,

What do you guys think about having NPRC races that mimic street racing more, I really want to do a flashlight or arm drop NPRC that includes “a Chase is a Race!”

Thanks for coming on the show Big Chief

I still want to race your sons sometime if possible?

Goooo Maclan OKO

Randy Krol

For my serious question. Chief, where would you rank showing up to the us nats with a regular old trailer and a Pontiac powered promod car and making the show on your list of achievements?

Anthony Manti

This one from a couple weeks ago was mentioned, but not gotten to yet. I’m sure ya will eventually….but motor tuning and everything about it

Charles Levac

Hey Tim and Colin I'm finally getting my car running nice and straight.

But I keep wrecking on shut down.

I'm running 60% brakes and 20% drag brakes.

If I lower my max brakes I run out of shut down room.

Is there something suspension wise that I could do to help stop the spin out on the shutdown

Thanks for the great show.

Chris Singsime

Has he got any of the other 405 guys into no prep rc? And did he ever fix the bullet holes in the meth shack? Seems like a good Tuesday job....listener #43

Main Topic:

Listener questions for Chief

Steve Raymond

Was the throttle punch a little secret you guys were keeping? When Justin Shearer commented and said I don't run over 10%. I don't know how true it is that he runs it that low, but I thought it would have been a dog. Boy, was I wrong. Thanks to you guys for sharing the info you do love the podcast and thanks Justin Shearer my car is actually some what fast now lol.

Nick Bodden

What do you look for in your slow mo videos after a pass?

Biggie Paul

So ive seen your videos of test hits after test hits. Your car looks straight and fast. So my questions are...What do you do to improve your reaction time and Whats your routine to get faster mentally and physically?

Sean South

Will Big Chief ever race in a Big Event. I know a big event will be close to him in September 😬

Rick Schaper

I do have a question for Justin. How was it driving JJ cars, and how did Jackie like zip tie? sorry if I spelled her name wrong. Thanks for what you guys do for the hobby.

Cameron Jarrell

Since we have the man himself in the house, can we PLEEAASSEE get a little peak into this 66 foot knowledge that Tim keeps hinting at? 🤷🏻‍♂️😅😜

Thanks so much for what you do man, and Colin thanks for stepping up to the plate for the show. Your knowledge definitely plays a huge part. No offense Tim

Willie Trent

Which tuning do you prefer…radio or esc? Lower turn motor (2.0-2.5)with less timing or higher wind (3.0-3.5)with more timing?

Joe Blethen

Chief … ever been back to Cracker Barrel in Alabama to visit the ginger ?😆😬

Yeti B.

I was very curious when you asked for lenths of rear arms for the b6 platform. Can you let us in on what you found in the end?

Chris Gilliland

Care to elaborate on the new method of suspension tuning you guys have been working on? Great stuff! Keep up the good work

Darwin Bohnke

From racing 1:1 and 1/10, what has been the biggest difference/hurdle you have had to deal with?

Andrew Burghgraef

Have any of you guys played with diff height? I'd think getting it as low as possible would help drive the tire into the ground like a radial car. And Tim, will we see you check out the Battlebots filming in Vegas later this month?

Kerry Adams

Just want to say hey chief and Colin ( my phone spelled it wrong last week) and hey Tim. The drawing of punch and how it effect the stages was very helpful.

Chris Trudeau

How has the transition from

"oh that's a cute toy" into

"man these RCdrag cars are just as technical"

going for you? What has been the biggest surprise for you making the transition to scale-down drag racing? What's been most rewarding? and the most challenging?

Rusty Brooks

My question is for all three of you to discuss. Can you talk about what you do to prep a Reaction tire before mounting? Also after mounting is there anything else that you do before you say they’re ready to use?

Bryan M Tilson

We see you traveling around doing RC racing now, what about RC drag racing has you the most intrigued right now?There can’t be the same amount of adrenaline there is driving the real crowmod and 1/10th crow mod!

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Thank you to MaxAmps, MKS Servo, Maclan racing, Graupner USA, CowRC, All you awesome fans, We love you all!

July 28th, 2021    

TSR Speed Shop RC podcast “The Question Show”

TSR podcast Episode 143

The Question Show”

Hosts: Tim Smith and Colin Branch

Show introduction and welcome.

Old Show Questions

Tim Notes:

Big Chief coming back in for another go.

News items

RC Tip Of the Week (brought to you by Colin Branch)

Main Topic:

Kerry Adams

Hey Tim and Collin. What is your I depth thoughts on the wide reactions? Best way to run them ?

Rob Wallace

Hey guys, love the podcast. My question is, do you prepare for big national travel events the same way you prepare for the smaller local races? Any different approach to the week/days before the race?

Rick Schaper

Have you made any good passes on the wide reactions?

Rick Schaper

How low do you run your chassis? Is it same height front to rear?

Nathan Phillips

Are you both going to the Topeka and Wisconsin races?

Lucas Harman

Thoughts on the voodoo craze, are they really better?

Also, thoughts on the new 11” wheelbase pinto from ProLine and possibilities of a new class? Maybe a no bar “radial” 11” class using Primes?

Rick Schaper

How much coffee do you drink in a day?😂

Tuan Nguyen

Will we see some of the old MaxPro160 settings available for DRK. We were able to set boost rpm, pmw, turbo rpm and other fine adjustments that were very useful.

Gabe Honodel

On the maclan wireless can it stay hooked up or do I need to unplug it before each run I’m getting ready to try out the drk and want to make sure I don’t miss anything

Chip Puccio

On the drk, what would you adjust for a slight turning up and turning down tune. Stage%, stage time? Turbo timing? Slew rate throttle punch?

Corey Lively

The punch setting on the drk, what exactly does it effect?ive heard that it softens shifts only between stages to it doing that while globally softening the car. What’s a clear definition of what this feature does?

Lay Low

Just curious.. Have you ever ran the Proline Primes? how do they stack up against some of the others?

JC Myers

Are you guys planning to attend any outlaw races in the NW? Thanks

Jeramy Joseph Olson

Hey it’s OKO!

I saw Colin yesterday at NCT and with all the action and excitement I forgot to ask him what plans the two of you have for breaking a world record?

I say this because I think It’s time to remind people that Tim Smith has world records and can still beat world records.

I think too many people have forgotten what Tim is capable of, and now with Colin Branch and Maclan, it’s time.

I plan to break a world record someday, it’s my destiny. Until then I want to volunteer as support staff during your next world record breaking event so I can gain some additional experience for my event. Thank you so much for continuing to do the show with Colin.

Go Maclan OKO

Jarad Henderson

What suspension changes do you make for a low traction dirty surface vs a good concrete surface?

Rick Hait

How bout a 1/4 scale update!!!!

Crystal Conry

What one thing you think we all could do to make this hobby more enjoyable

John Masterbray

What would you recommend for weight for a dr10 with a Rx8 and a 3.5t on asphalt.

Jason Bragg

Thoughts on the arrow car? Knowing you switched our pretty quick. Will you ever re visit the platform?

Kidd Sims

One word “pinto”

Allen Ruble

On Mark Vyne live video over the weekend. Seen you was in his pits talking about voodoo air filled tires. But they shut off the video.

Was wondering if you could share anything…. Lol 😂

Jon Mobley

Hey Tim and Colin so what are your thoughts on the drk esc on a so called top fuel dragster

David Adams

1. What do you think of a short wheel based no wheelie bar car? Everything else open to replace the 13.5T class. Like a 2wd buggy. (Pinto body maybe more to come?)

2. Why do I hear so much talk about rolling back the tire prep? Last summer I had people asking if I would care if they were using warmers and sauce. My take is you have to if others are. Now same people are talking about no warmers and sticky prep. Changing rules may bring more people (I don’t think it will) but the cat is out of the bag and the base will be resistant at this point. What do you think?

Chris Trudeau

Was it strange for Colin to make Left and Right turns and jumping stuff, vs going in a straight line this last weekend?

Mark Vyne

Tom had the VP and Breakout chassis haulin in Colorado. Some of the fastest builds of these two chassis. Your thoughts on the differences of two chassis and what you’ve learned from both.

Gabe Honodel

Tim and Colin will there be plans to break the speed record now that the technology has caught up a little. It would be cool to see Tim get the rail out again

Anthony Manti

I believe last weeks description said motor tuning would be discussed. I could have missed it, but I don’t think you guys got around to it.

Anthony Manti

Dumb question. How do I listen live? I only ever seem to get the cast after it’s been aired about a day later. I’m using the built in Podcast app for apple and I believe I tried Podbean as well.

Allen Ruble

Tim Smith Colin Branch

Will there ever be drk 1/8 scale esc that will handle a 2.0t motor??

Chris Gilliland

Care to elaborate on the new method of suspension tuning you guys have been working?

Biggie Paul

How come u guys dont go live? You're very entertaining. So what if u have to wear pants....🤣🤣🤣. Have a great show.

Tim Barth

any advice for Growing a Dialed Beard like you and Colin have. Mine wont be as grey. but i need some tips!

Shane Rennoe

Tim what tire prep were you using at the San Diego race

Wade Madfishdesigns Labofish

What was the weight on your speed run car that went 167?

Taylor DeLosa

What is your process and opinions, when testing the car; what all are you looking at? Not just the generic it spun, went left/right, etc. Are you chalking the wheelie bars to see where they touched down, marking tires to see how even they wear from alignment, etc. Then once you’ve gathered said data, what are you doing to correct these things.

Thank you Collin for adding to this podcast also, it’s great to hear your feedback as well.

Kevin Kenney

I know I'm not the same 1 or 2 guys that get questions answered every week so here goes. Can you explain more on the punch setting? Is it better to set up your stages and just lessen punch to get better traction when the surface can handle it? We have 5 guys running DRK160 and we are funding success all over the ramp on punch. I don't need secrets just hoping Colin can explain its effect throughout the powerband. Also if you "finger" the throttle is it starting the stages over?

James Gallatin

When are you getting your kart?

Featured Item of the week

MaxAmps MaxBox, 29.99 custom wrapped. Introducing the new MaxBox by MaxAmps.

This full metal box slides like a matchbox and can be used while charging and to store your LiPo batteries. It also makes a great vehicle stand or storage box for other items.

Looking for a custom wrap with your team name or colors? We can do that at no extra charge. Just leave a message in the notes section when you checkout.  

The use of a MaxBox does not guarantee protection of surrounding surfaces. It is simply intended to help mitigate the effects of a battery fire. MaxAmps takes no responsibility for effectiveness of the MaxBox during a battery fire. Never charge your batteries unattended. Always keep your lipo packs in a fireproof area in addition to the use of the MaxBox.

Dimensions - 8.5"x2.5"x3.5"

Weight - 362g

Made entirely in the USA.

Thank you to MaxAmps, MKS Servo, Maclan racing, Graupner USA, CowRC, All you awesome fans, We love you all!

July 6th, 2021    

TSR Speed Shop RC podcast “New Era like it or Not”

TSR podcast Episode

it all seems to be changing”

Hosts: Tim Smith and Colin Branch

  • Show introduction and welcome.

Good bye my friend

The start of a new era


Tim Notes:

The Break out chassis fun

The Irwindale race, things were great and they got un great fast....

Chiefs new RC role

    1. at 2.15 WTF

No one knows the genius this guy posses


  • News items

Scottys Big drag race



  • RC Word Of the Week (brought to you by Colin Branch)

Main Topic:


Colins test/race day


Saturday testing with eh Christys


Barking tires

New tune fun and more speed then ever before

9 hits of glory

Mexican sure can!

The best night of sleep in a long time


Featured Item of the week

Cow RC hide wipes surface cleaning rags,

Textured cloths that smell great and get all the bug guts sticky prep off your hands.

110 8x12 rags in a giant container, 24 bucks, 19 if you buy a few. Remember the show discount too.

Thank you to MaxAmps, Maclan Racing, MKS Servo, Five Star, CowRC, All you awesome fans, We love you all!

June 23rd, 2021    

TSR Speed Shop RC podcast “The Break Out Break Down”

TSR podcast Episode

The Break Out Break Down”

Hosts: Tim Smith and Matt Howsen


  • Show introduction and welcome.

Big Chief winning a cash day

Tim Notes:

The build

Car review


Broken stuff

Wheelie bar weight box

Summer Mayhem “Matchup madness” June 26th drag race 64 car shoot out, full

  • News items

ROAR Nationals fuel tank issues.... repeat...

Horizon buys AKA tires

Scotty Ernsts Straight line showdown Entry 125, Double elimination, 2 classes, Aug 27-29 Great lakes dragaway union grove Wi

Payouts top 16 outlaw

payouts top 8 in super sport

payouts top 4 in RTR class

  • RC Word Of the Week (brought to you by RC Driver)

Servo Horn:

Attaches to the servo and is the link between the servo and the steering linkage.


Servo Saver:

Usually a servo horn that uses a spring to absorb sudden shock or impact coming from the servo linkage. This helps prevent breakage of the servo.



Main Topic:

Facebook Questions

Corey Lively

What are your thoughts on a 1.7 pass being put down by Sean Stanford running a REAR MOTOR car with a Shark body during the testing before the event? Pretty cool and seems to have went a bit under the radar with all the other awesome stuff going on during the event.


Kidd Sims

Now that we have two mega races in the books. What could I (as a mega race promoter) improve on to insure everyone has a great time.


Chris Gilliland

Track temps definitely played a role in traction for the event. How do you know when to turn it down?? Great meeting you finally!!


Willie Trent

Tim Smith with it being a concrete surface I think a lot of people expected to see some record times being ran but that didn’t exactly happen. I know the surface was good and had bite but was it also not as good as everyone expected? It looked really coarse and not as smooth as one would expect and seemed to being giving people trouble especially on the big end.


Kerry Adams

First I want to say that was an awesome weekend. Second I wish Matt could have been there to see those sub 2 second runs. I would have liked to see the look on his face. Question is now is everyone ready for Colorado in July?


Jeremy Oldham

Went no prep racing for my first time Sunday and now I'm hooked. First time I was right there with my car thanks to your show it went straight and fairly fast.

Ok now for my question:

What can we do to get Joe Zaier Jr to try drag racing?


Kerry Adams

Oh and Tim you were so nice to chat with my girlfriend about sunburned ears.


Brad Waldrop

It was great meeting you, i had a wonderful time can’t wait for the next one!


Lonnie DeTurck

Love your podcast.

My question is on “discharge” before charging your battery to help IR and help the battery from dropping voltage. What do you recommend and if discharging is needed what unit do you recommend and at what rate to discharge.

Thanks a bunch


Yeti B.

What did you think of the firebird body?


Chip Puccio

Slipper or slipper eliminator and why?


Brian Elkins

Consistency or Send it? What do you think made it farther..


Yeti B.

What is next for toy tim?



Rick Schaper

Did you try stiffening up the rear suspension dampening for the added traction?


JC Myers

I have a question about tires at bracket races. How do you recommend handling tires between rounds? Do you clean and prep 1 set or do you ever swap tires to save time. I always end up scrambling between rounds. Thanks and Love the show!


Joe Zaier Jr

If the no prep cars are running the same times of a proper pro stock, what's the point of no prep? It seems like people are lighting money on fire for the sake of lighting money on fire. I'm just a spectator in this


Reflection: The start of drag racing, the years of tracks, Street outlaws, Cars, Bodies, ESC, Big Chief

Compare 1990 car to a 2021 drag car


Featured Item of the week

Five Star Hobbies 3D printed shock mount (61036) 15.00


Thank you to MaxAmps, Maclan Racing, MKS Servo, Five Star, CowRC, All you awesome fans, We love you all!

June 2nd, 2021    

TSR Speed Shop RC podcast “2021 SuperChip Race Review”

TSR podcast Episode

2021 SuperChip”

Hosts: Tim Smith and Matt Howsen

Guest Colin Branch


  • Show introduction and welcome.


Tim Notes:

Kyles birthday

  • News items


  • RC Word Of the Week (brought to you by RC Driver)


The angle, from vertical, of the wheels. Negative camber is when the top of the tire is closer to the center of the vehicle than the bottom of the tire. Negative camber is commonly used to add stability in bumps. Positive camber is when the bottom of the tire is closer to the center of the vehicle than the top of the tire. Positive camber is not commonly used.


Main Topic:


Are you taking the truck? Oh boy

The flight, I love that they still have barf bags

not as many people cough anymore in public lol

Vegas airport weed vending machines and 69 dollar lunches

stand up in my aisle karma buddy

Rental truck

Tornado watch

The hotel, oh boy, leaking toilets and feeling like I was going to fall though oh and a few cops

Food at the Shilo, Glitter moles, snow cones and leather paints. Sweet tea

OKC life and how we fit in: Walmart shopping, we don't need no stinking masks kid, new shirts for Timmy and the family.

High school champs, WOW

The Kyle Christy driving school

The ice cream truck of RC bodies showed up!

Tables, chairs and exups

Big Chief sending you a pin drop to test... wow here we go

Friday testing! Two cars two paths Todds Fivestar and my undercover (still testing stuff)

the surface and the tire prep.

The 1320 video guys! That was awesome

Pre testing was fast but at the track it was all normal, really weird but its possible.

Went out with a plan and a good feeling we were right in the mix with a 2.1

The tebo experience, the guy is a machine and was the last one to leave... 3am night

Race Day! Chip draw, new weather and the count down to big chief.

The people and the friendliness, lets also clean up a few relationships

First round mistakes and learning

I split my pants!

Chief is HERE! Now what???? the shirt shrug was nearly too much for me.

Second round and more learning the old guy got his eyes drilled out. Lucky Chief had video lol

I am out so let The Big Chief experience begin.

Jackie, winner, winner chicken dinner.

Live RC, photos, autographs it was an amazing experience I hope everyone enjoyed as much as I did.

Starting line fun, finger that or peddle it you pick?

Kyles charger screen, hey my bars are green yours are red, when is my wife's birthday again?

Time to say good by to Chief and send him home with some stuff, ok send him home with everything.

Lets talk about the race a bit more, Congratulations to team AZ its not a shock but what was it they were doing right? Brian Manske, Mark Vyne (2.01-2.03, .284-.260 .002) this was how I was hopping it would end up the fastest guys in the end and that's exactly what happened.

Lets talk about what it took to go rounds here.

What can do to make it even better? We got an issue and I got answers.

I didnt win but I left with full arms of memories and cars!

New Fivestar team driver, With my boy Todd! New car, innovations, build manuals and more! Jared baker Bob Hamilton and dont forget the body!!!!!!

Whats the plan now Timmy, Topeka maybe?


The people: Greg Bridgewater and Jared mills, Big Chief and Jackie, Ben Boileau, Russ Bryant, Craig Fleek, David Logsdon, Jared Tebo, Todd Solteiro, Kyle and Riley Kristy, Colin Branch,


Live RC, Dessert hobbies, 1320 video crew, Jconcepts, Fivestar,


Featured Item of the week

6300 mah brick pack


Thank you to MaxAmps, Maclan Racing, MKS Servo, FiveStar chassis, Undercover drag wings All you awesome fans, We love you all!

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