TSR Speed Shop RC podcast “Adam Drake and his RC world”

TSR podcast Episode 88

Hosts: Tim Smith and Matt Howson

This week: Guest Adam Drake


Tim Notes:

Trip to St Louis, first class is the best class of all.


Auctions are a thing of beauty to behold.


It pays to make friends AKA living a first class life on a premium budget


Went painting again and created four new masterpieces.


Posts about needing inspiration, or do you mean I have no creativity and want to steal your ideas?


Instagram and posts, Why I “like” your posts and what does it all mean…..


Hobbico get bought and Axial is saved


RC headsets, Who cares?




  • News items


Graced with RC hobby shop plug


John Schultz Has Matt got me price on plane ticket yet?

Tim you going to Proline By the Fire?

Tim you going to Axialfest?

Matt you going to Axialfest

Darwin Bohnke Tim and Matt are you going to be on one of the axial live videos?

Nate Hauger Are you coming to Texas in June to defend your title?!

Dennis Coleman Tim, on your RAE pro stock car do you ever move the adjustable rear axle carrier up or down to help with traction or is that pretty much a set it and forget it adjustment?

Shane Strong Matthew Howson don’t forget the b main plaque or take the bump question lol

Andrew Burghgraef Battlebots live live up to your expectations?

Ed Wellwood · How is Matt's plans for going to axial fest going.?


Main topic

Adam Drake:


 Joe Zaier Jr I get to ask more questions? I like this. 

Will Adam just drop out of rc like Matt Francis when he's done or will he stay in the rc industry?
How many emails from guys like me do you get a day about the mbx8? Like building questions and setup questions. Because I sent Adam at least 6.
Are you going to continue being a guest on podcasts or do you want to start your own?
Will Adam and jq ever be homeys?

Dustin Smith Whats his opinion on the resurgence of stadium truck and could he ever see a return of nitro stadium truck?
Also, is he having more fun now or was it more fun say 15 years ago?

 Chris Trudeau Does Adam "play" with any NON-RACE Rc cars? Crawler? Drifter? Boats? Etc...

 Jay Brazier Would you be able to explain and teach mid jump air car control, you see the top drivers wiggle the steering while jumping over jumps.
Would you be able to share your tire choice for each track condition.
And a huge thank you for all the tips and guides you put on YouTube

  • Featured Item of the week

Jigs up 39.99

NEW and improved version with "helping hand" and heat resistant phenolic resin insert!

"The Jigs Up" makes the task of soldering RC connectors simple and easy!  This jig quickly and securely clamps, holds, and releases the connector. A must have tool for the RC enthusiast!

The Jigs Up holds the following connectors: Deans Ultra, Traxxas High-current, XT30, XT60, XT90, EC3, EC5, and Deans Micro.  It also holds 2mm, 3.5mm, 4mm, 5mm, 5.5mm, 6mm, 6.5mm, and 8mm bullet connectors.

 Thanks to:

MaxAmps, MKS Servos, Graupner USA, CowRC, Axial racing, Rotor Ron, Rudis Motorsports, Tekin, TSR Power Paste, Gone Bananas, MHD designs, Team TSR, Liberty Tabletop, RC Driver and all the Fans!

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