TSR Speed Shop RC podcast “Big Chief The RC Racer!”

TSR podcast Episode 144

Big Chief and his RC life”

Hosts: Tim Smith and Colin Branch

Show introduction and welcome.

Tim Notes:

Nearly a second round of the Jalapeno story.

I need VooDoo tires lol

Listener questions

Allen Ruble

About what final drive ratio do you shoot for on a 2t to 4.5t motors?? Also the rpm of the motor?

(team associated base car)

Rusty Brooks

My question is for all three of you to discuss. Can you talk about what you do to prep a Reaction tire before mounting? Also after mounting is there anything else that you do before you say they’re ready to use?

Nat Hyde

Do you know of a reliable motor or chassis dyno to test under load conditions? Wouldn't that be better than using the SkyRC motor analyzer?

Sean Genung

Thank you for the opportunity to ask questions. Mine is with shocks. Specifically when building shocks do you want a dead shock like in oval racing with say a bladder on top like the 57 design setup or bleed them with some recoil? Thank you for your time and your knowledge.

Stephen A Nicholson Jr.

I know shortages on things have put a damper on some things but are y'all gonna eventually make a ESC that will handle more amps ? And yes I understand the one we have now is fine lol but who doesn't like more power

Erik Denk

Question for you guys...Why is Team AZ making so many rounds at the races they attend? What’s the advantage they have.

Corey Lively

When finding your gearing and developing your tune for your car, which comes first the gear or the tune? Does your tune change with gear or vice versa and if so, how?

Robert Diamond

Parity in racing and between battery types such as the brick versus a standard 2cell

Jeramy Joseph Olson

Hey it’s OKO,

What do you guys think about having NPRC races that mimic street racing more, I really want to do a flashlight or arm drop NPRC that includes “a Chase is a Race!”

Thanks for coming on the show Big Chief

I still want to race your sons sometime if possible?

Goooo Maclan OKO

Randy Krol

For my serious question. Chief, where would you rank showing up to the us nats with a regular old trailer and a Pontiac powered promod car and making the show on your list of achievements?

Anthony Manti

This one from a couple weeks ago was mentioned, but not gotten to yet. I’m sure ya will eventually….but motor tuning and everything about it

Charles Levac

Hey Tim and Colin I'm finally getting my car running nice and straight.

But I keep wrecking on shut down.

I'm running 60% brakes and 20% drag brakes.

If I lower my max brakes I run out of shut down room.

Is there something suspension wise that I could do to help stop the spin out on the shutdown

Thanks for the great show.

Chris Singsime

Has he got any of the other 405 guys into no prep rc? And did he ever fix the bullet holes in the meth shack? Seems like a good Tuesday job....listener #43

Main Topic:

Listener questions for Chief

Steve Raymond

Was the throttle punch a little secret you guys were keeping? When Justin Shearer commented and said I don't run over 10%. I don't know how true it is that he runs it that low, but I thought it would have been a dog. Boy, was I wrong. Thanks to you guys for sharing the info you do love the podcast and thanks Justin Shearer my car is actually some what fast now lol.

Nick Bodden

What do you look for in your slow mo videos after a pass?

Biggie Paul

So ive seen your videos of test hits after test hits. Your car looks straight and fast. So my questions are...What do you do to improve your reaction time and Whats your routine to get faster mentally and physically?

Sean South

Will Big Chief ever race in a Big Event. I know a big event will be close to him in September 😬

Rick Schaper

I do have a question for Justin. How was it driving JJ cars, and how did Jackie like zip tie? sorry if I spelled her name wrong. Thanks for what you guys do for the hobby.

Cameron Jarrell

Since we have the man himself in the house, can we PLEEAASSEE get a little peak into this 66 foot knowledge that Tim keeps hinting at? 🤷🏻‍♂️😅😜

Thanks so much for what you do man, and Colin thanks for stepping up to the plate for the show. Your knowledge definitely plays a huge part. No offense Tim

Willie Trent

Which tuning do you prefer…radio or esc? Lower turn motor (2.0-2.5)with less timing or higher wind (3.0-3.5)with more timing?

Joe Blethen

Chief … ever been back to Cracker Barrel in Alabama to visit the ginger ?😆😬

Yeti B.

I was very curious when you asked for lenths of rear arms for the b6 platform. Can you let us in on what you found in the end?

Chris Gilliland

Care to elaborate on the new method of suspension tuning you guys have been working on? Great stuff! Keep up the good work

Darwin Bohnke

From racing 1:1 and 1/10, what has been the biggest difference/hurdle you have had to deal with?

Andrew Burghgraef

Have any of you guys played with diff height? I'd think getting it as low as possible would help drive the tire into the ground like a radial car. And Tim, will we see you check out the Battlebots filming in Vegas later this month?

Kerry Adams

Just want to say hey chief and Colin ( my phone spelled it wrong last week) and hey Tim. The drawing of punch and how it effect the stages was very helpful.

Chris Trudeau

How has the transition from

"oh that's a cute toy" into

"man these RCdrag cars are just as technical"

going for you? What has been the biggest surprise for you making the transition to scale-down drag racing? What's been most rewarding? and the most challenging?

Rusty Brooks

My question is for all three of you to discuss. Can you talk about what you do to prep a Reaction tire before mounting? Also after mounting is there anything else that you do before you say they’re ready to use?

Bryan M Tilson

We see you traveling around doing RC racing now, what about RC drag racing has you the most intrigued right now?There can’t be the same amount of adrenaline there is driving the real crowmod and 1/10th crow mod!

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