TSR Speed Shop RC podcast ”Hey Tim”

TSR podcast Episode

Hey Tim AKA Team weekend”

Hosts: Tim Smith and Colin Branch

Show introduction and welcome.

Tim Notes:

Maclan team weekend.

News items

RC Tip Of the Week (brought to you by Colin)

Main Topic:

Saturday: The race.

Start with a solid tune. On a tricky surface.

Drop the GNSS and enjoy the thrill of guessing.

Gold car doing its thing.

Going rounds with a fast car.

Why does it always look fast when you watch other peoples cars? This is whats good about no prep without timing trees kids!

Made it to the final four and was hungry to I ate a sandwich at the line…. AKA Mark and Tim get put out.

Mark and Tim Grudge race, I was ready then mark did a test pass before we raced… lol

Kelly winner, Chuck second.

So many Fast cars it was amazing.

Thank you to everyone that came out and supported the race and the charity race.

Summary: quicker and faster than I have ever gone on that road.

Lots of chassis and suspension changes, but Reaction time was the key and here is how I do it.

Sundays are made for testing. And lots of folks showed up including Randy Caster of 1Up

Good results and this car is amazing (Fivestar Breakout)

Mexican food and elevator rides for the win!

Thank you to Craig, OKO, Jeremy, Carl, Colin, Dave, James (new friend) and of course the Christy family, words cannot express how much was all appreciate what you do for us.

Featured Item of the week

Cow RC hide Wipes, Order them at once!

Thank you to MaxAmps, MKS Servo, Maclan racing, Graupner USA, CowRC, All you awesome fans, We love you all!

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