TSR Speed Shop RC podcast “Jump”

Battle bots bot name: Death Roll Toll

RCDRL Taking over the instant green race for the Super Nationals, What happened?

Prostock is dead and I am beyond sad…

I cant make it to Texas for the supers, anyone want a round trip first class ticket?


Quit your job,, sure that’s not stressful.

Why did you quit and what’s the plan now? (AKA having confidence can pave the way to great things.

New job new adventure

What do you do now Tim and was it worth it?



New Arama Speed run car and truck

Fry’s electronics closing??

Axialfest, how was it there is not much after talk


Drag racing and the heat (mister mister twister)

Parker scores four wins in four races. I love losing to this kid.

How great is the 17.5 class? Pretty great let me tell you all about it.

The low rider bodies finally come back home after a couple of years. Pinky Lee and the Green Bean. Mama has her car finally. Now what do we do hydros or leave it be?? The girl has claimed it so no need to discuss this further.

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