TSR Speed Shop RC podcast “Let’s Get Back To Drag Racing!”

TSR podcast Episode 91

Hosts: Tim Smith and Matt Howson

This week:

Back to the race track, What do you need?


Tim Notes:


No prep cash day race recap



  • News items


CKRC closes


Jconcepts fox body mustang hits the streets!

New none 3D printed wheels and drag tires!


Axial racing 1969 chevy blazer!


Rotor Ron 720 setup station


RC Word of the Week brought to you by RC Driver magazine


Toe Angle

When seen from above, a car’s front wheels will point inward when the steering trim is set to neutral. Applies to the rear wheels as well. This provides some degree of stability. Too much toe angle will slow you down.


Main topic


New Drag strip, what are we running, what do we need to take for a day of drag racing.


Time to make a plan, or are we just here to have fun?

What cars

How many batteries

Chargers and equipment (tire warmer, paste board, soldering iron…)

Tables, chairs, power, shade, tools, pit mats

Tires, bodies



Facebook Questions


  • Featured Item of the week



MKS 9767 servo 92.99



Dead Band


Working Frequence

1520μs / 333hz

Operating Voltage

5.5 ~ 8.4 V DC Volts (2S Lipo un-regulated)

Operating Speed (6V)


Operating Speed (7.4V)


Operating Speed (8.4V)


Stall Torque (6V)


Stall Torque (7.4V)


Stall Torque (8.4V)


Gear Type

Chrome-Titanium alloy gear






Thanks to:

MaxAmps, MKS Servos, Gruapner, CowRC, Rotor Ron, Rudis Motorsports, Tekin, TSR Power Paste, Gone Bananas, MHD designs, Team TSR and all the Fan and haters!

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