TSR Speed Shop RC podcast “Let’s get back to RC (part 1)”

TSR podcast Episode

Hosts: Tim Smith and Matt Howson

This week: Let's get back to RC


Tim Notes:

Happy anniversary to me

New Euro truck for 150 bucks!

CowRC pit mat deal

Slot car racing, dear lord stage them and race already!

Sky Diving, how some people have hobbies that are pure torture to others.

Smashing an RC to pieces for a video… Why are we doing this and defending it is beyond me.

New prostock body, well kind of….

New drag strip is finally here, and I had to be an asshole to an asshole….



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RC Word of the Week “Brought to you by RC Driver Magazine”


This is a small electronic device mounted in a race vehicle. It transmits a signal to a receiver located at the start/finish line. The receiver records a vehicle’s position and lap times during a race for scoring purposes.


Main topic

 Damage is just weakness leaving your car


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  • Featured Item of the week

Curved Lexan Scissors

They are about 10 bucks and made by all kinds of companies. Buy a set if you don’t already have them.

Thanks to:

MaxAmps, MKS Servos, Gruapner, CowRC, Rotor Ron, Rudis Motorsports, Tekin, TSR Power Paste, Gone Bananas, MHD designs, Team TSR and all the Fans!

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