TSR Speed Shop RC podcast ” Mark Vyne and his Time”

TSR podcast Episode 151

Mark Vyne #2”

Hosts: Tim Smith and Colin Branch


Show introduction and welcome.


Tim Notes:

Give us the story Tim… it was an exciting two days, but whats new…

You should always protect your character

DRC vs VooDoo vs Reactions, Wide wheels, standard wheels and really wide wheels.

Mounting voodoo’s on Traxxas wide wheels…. I got a plan for that.

Testing: folding tires, air is a pain, can needs more work now to handle the new power. shock angle, driveline angle, tune adjustments.

Stopped off at the prep track…. Oops… lol

Az trip

News items

RC Tip Of the Week (brought to you by Colin)

Main Topic:

MARK VYNE and his Apollo car

Featured Item of the week

MaxAmps 7250 mah brick


Thank you to MaxAmps, Maclan racing, MKS Servo, CowRC, All you awesome fans, We love you all!

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