TSR Speed Shop RC podcast ”Never as easy as it Seems w/ Jay Joseph”

TSR Speed Shop RC podcast Ep:158

Never as Easy as it Seems w/ Jay Joseph”

Hosts: Tim Smith and Colin Branch

Show introduction and welcome.

Tim Notes:

Irwindale race 1 of the 4 race NPRC championship event, how did it go for Timmy and Colin?

This race was STACKED with fast drivers!

Showed up with no stress and then, STRESS happened.

Shuddering disaster and now the race is a mess…

When do we give up and go back up car?

Crash Time: How can that happen twice a year later? Welcome to the struggle bus we seat as many as would like to join, there is always an open seat for Tim it seems……

Flat tire blues…. We got to figure this one out.

Pull yourself up kid the RC world still needs something from you. Sitting in the trailer feeling crushed yet again…. Then God sent me the way out and I took it.

Tim gets to announce the race, Oh boy

Let’s talk about this race and the competition, surface, instant green, right lane left lane

And with all that the fastest still made it to the finals and what a finals it was.

The winners! Jay Joseph and Jordan Yancy

Race one of the NPRC championship, let’s talk about who is going to win this thing now that is happening.

So, the announcing gig…. Let’s talk about that a little bit. Interview with Dibs and Jay and how I can do better next time!

Kyle Christy runs a great race and if you can’t do what he did stop stealing our money.

Timing systems and instant green let’s talk kids.

News items

Las Vegas 702 NPRC April 2-3 Webb RC live stream racing starts at 1pm, Sunday a second cash day.

Race two of the Socal/Az points series this weekend in Arizona and this kid will not be racing again….. New house time.

RC Tip Of the Week (brought to you by Colin)

Main Topic:

Jay Joseph and his big win:

Talk about how you got to this level in your race program.

What are important things to you in your race program everyone can learn from to make them better?

Tell us about your day, round by round

How overwhelmed were you, I feel like if I would have asked the right questions I might have got a tear from the scariest looking dude in No Prep.

Ok you are now a champion, what’s Next?

Take a minute and thank all the people that helped you reach this accomplishment in RC

Tires, Prep process, Battery, Motor, ESC, Chassis, Body

Featured Item of the week

The NEW Reaction time tire prep named “Smoked 1.7” 22.00 for a 4oz bottle with cotton dabber, released march 7th Get it while you can trust me and colin on this one.

Thank you to MaxAmps, MKS Servo, Maclan racing, Graupner USA, CowRC, All you awesome fans, We love you all!

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