TSR Speed Shop RC podcast Part One, a Little Tim and Matt time

TSR podcast Episode 88

Hosts: Tim Smith and Matt Howson

This week: Guest Adam Drake


PART ONE: A little Tim and Matt time.....

Tim Notes:

Trip to St Louis, first class is the best class of all.

 Auctions are a thing of beauty to behold.

 It pays to make friends AKA living a first class life on a premium budget

 Went painting again and created four new masterpieces.

 Posts about needing inspiration, or do you mean I have no creativity and want to steal your ideas?

 Instagram and posts, Why I “like” your posts and what does it all mean…..

 Hobbico get bought and Axial is saved

 RC headsets, Who cares?

 Jenni’s sister update

  News items

 Graced with RC hobby shop 

 After year’s of rumours, news has reached us that Kyosho has been acquired by an investment fund with plans for a restructure of the business.

Sources in Japan point to a slow down in domestic sales as the culprit behind the “sluggish performance”. Japan’s Nikkei stock market published the news, announcing purchaser, Shinsei Bank’s plans to rebuild management by boosting expansion of Asian sales channels & customers in growth markets. Former President Aki Suzuki will serve on in an advisory role to the company whilst Katsumi Watanabe is already listed as President on Kyosho’s own website. Interestingly in the company milestone timeline, it reads, 2018: Kyosho “Reborn”.

RC Word of the Week (brought to you by RC Driver Mag)

Otherwise known as radio interference, a glitch refers to a momentary lapse in signal transmission. There are external sources that cause glitches, (like overhead power lines,) but consistent glitching is most likely the result of something in the vehicle itself, such as metal-to-metal rubbing as you might find with control linkages.

Facebook Questions

Rick Shepard Tim are u ever gonna break the 200 mph mark?

Joe Zaier Jr I have a Matt questions this week. Are you getting a t6.1 even if you don't sell your t5?
Do you see a resurgence of stadium truck?
Do you think the stadium truck market is diluted with the release of a new slam pig (sct)? Is all of Canada like trailer park boys?

 Scott Robert Thoughts on the buyout of Kyosho?

 Jeremy Drey Will winter ever end? #MidwestProblems
What's the one RC you wish you had back. Mine is my Wraith.

 Chris Trudeau Do you play with "other" RCs, something outside the Crawlers, and dragsters, (and for Matt, Offroad?)
-Drift cars
Any NON-RC hobbies, slot cars, rockets, models, painting (Tim ;) ) etc.


PART ONE, next up Adam Drake

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