TSR Speed Shop RC podcast “RC and wives is a life of Balance”

TSR Speed Shop RC podcast

Hosts: Tim Smith, Matt Howson

RC and Wives is a life of Balance

Tim Notes:

Being sick sucks…..

Valentines day and how we all married up!

Tim turns…. Ummm old….

The winter Olympics

Is social media the mind reading device we’ve always wanted?

Don’t water down racing with lots of classes, one class was the best when you started

Same goes for FB groups!


Butt hurt over a gyro, sorry you have no skill but how is that my fault

 News items

1up soldering iron

RC Word of the Week


The measure on a pinion gear or spur gear of how many teeth fit per inch. On a 64-pitch gear, 64 teeth will fit within one inch; on a 48-pitch gear, 48 teeth will fit in one inch.


 Main topic

 Wife and RC, how do you balance them out.

  • Featured Item of the week


Shag Oil by Rotor Ron

“SHAG OIL” is an ultra light weight ball bearing oil that provides exceptional lubrication to high RPM bearings. Additionally, while it lubricates, it also purges the oil from the bearing. The result is lubricating film and lower drag. “SHAG OIL” works great for motor or ANY RC bearings. Bottle comes with needle applicator for precision application.

Every motor Rotor Ron tunes gets SHAG oil in it’s bearings, so if Rotor Ron swears by it, you should too!

Also comes with a free Rotor Ron sticker for your ride

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