TSR Speed Shop RC podcast “Street Outlaw Rules the World”

TSR podcast Episode

Street Outlaw Rules the World”

Hosts: Tim Smith and Matt Howsen


  • Show introduction and welcome.


Tim Notes:


Was going on the No name podcast but not now so TSR time… Win for you all!


All kinds of new toys…

Toe and angles kit (big money)

Tire gluing machine (big money)

Shock spring tool (little money)


Still one more JConcepts bodies to go


NPRC rules: Wings, Holes/cut outs, Weight min, Shocks, Hinge arms, Gear box…. What else am I missing?


Timmy’s car for the Tekin ads? What about a TSR drag motor? Maybe…..


Lets sell some stuff… Oh dear how did this start?


  • News items

Tyler’s cash day race June 20th and yes, I took the day before off.


Bring the heat Chandler AZ cash race, June 27th 8:00 pm


Vanishing point drag chassis, it looks rad and its another one to choose from.



  • RC Word Of the Week (brought to you by RC Driver)


A new nitro engine has to go through a break-in procedure to mate the engine’s piston to the cylinder sleeve. This provides a longer life expectancy between rebuilds. Recommended procedures will vary by manufacturer and engine. Generally, an engine will need to be run rich and at no more than half throttle for the first 2-3 tanks of fuel. The entire procedure can consist of anywhere from 3-5 tanks of fuel, depending on the individual engine’s instructions.


And lets not forget tires and foams…


Main Topic:


Arrow car: It’s becoming the stare car.


Thick chassis (4mm) some how my bodies don’t fit anymore… more fab work.


Body is stiffer now, so many goods from the thick chassis.


Weight: 60oz (3.75) to 68oz (4.25) over all gain (1/2 lbs)


Longer wheelie bar, this car is SOLID now. Need to build a jig to adjust it.


Shock package (75mm front, 85mm rear)


Shark body (Dodge Plum Crazy)


No limit graphics wrap


Undercover wings (GNX and others….)


Adjustable rear arms and 4° of toe


Machined hinge blocks are awesome


Raw speed tires (Clay, Long wear soft, Soft and super soft) Everyone is jumping on the we make smooth tires bandwagon.


RX8 in RSpro out


Tekin Eliminator motor


Throttle profile




Featured Item of the week

Tekin Gen4 Eliminator motor



Thank you to MaxAmps, MKS Servo, Tekin racing, Graupner USA, CowRC, All you awesome fans, We love you all!

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