TSR Speed Shop RC podcast “Summer of Love”

TSR podcast Episode

Summer of LOVE or something”

Hosts: Tim Smith and Matt Howsen


Show introduction and welcome.


Love you Todd! Get Well!!


Tim Notes:


The internet and reading the horrifying abuse people put their cars or equipment through… blowing tires off freewheeling or needing 100K RPM….


Mid motor vs rear motor and what I have learned


Tyler’s Birthday bash race and how did it go?

SO HOT! The weather….

Ice Cream

First round of death! I smashed her up good…. Again, with the tires hitting???


How many more times am I going to rub the tires on the body before I finally raise it up?

**Corvette summer….

The Heat and your oils…. We should be talking about how the heat and cold effects the shocks and Diff oils.


  • Flat Tire Blues: How am I going to get home and the story of my night with tow companies….


Next UP** San Diego test day, Great weather, car kind of working and second fastest…


Racing is not the same anymore and I know why but not sure I can get back there ever again, and this makes me very sad.



Taking MCT oil and now others are joining me, What’s it do Timmy?


News items


SkyRC GPS thing that can measure the et of 132 feet. What a find whoever dug it up


Graupner USA is back!


RC Word Of the Week (brought to you by RC Driver)

Servo Reversing

This is just what it sounds like. Radios with this function allow the user to reverse the output of the servo. This is useful when you switch the radio system between vehicles that may use different servo placement or orientation.



Main Topic:


Arrow talk….

So, it works wide and then it doesn’t… WTF

Before we go down the Arrow timeline let me make it clear, I have set up MANY race cars I know a couple of people have had success with them but I should point out a few things not to knock them down but to remove this any doubt I didn’t start in RC yesterday. The issue is I am a trier and don’t like to be defeated, it would have been VERY easy to put this car on the shelf and never touch it again but I knew something was wrong and I wanted to know what it is…

It feels like it’s all going away from me, like I am standing on a dock in a bay as the ship slowly pulls out. Do I jump in and swim for it before it gets too far away or just let it sail?


Lets go down the list of things I have done, sort of an Arrow timeline

Got the car long before anyone else and boy was a shocked… it was thin and flexible… Boo

Started changing everything but really needed a thick chassis.

Got a thick chassis and it worked wide,

Then I went for a narrow car…. Where did it go and why do I have everything breaking now?

Had to re-find the car when I finally went back wide, and the car worked….

Where the issues really are……… First run brass hubs might have been all my issue.

Diff going locked to 200K, tire rubs, all these problems….



13.5 class, it looks fun and I really didn’t think I would build anything for it but guess what? The Vega body came out and now I am building one…..

Motor, 3D printed from Monster RC parts

Exhaust (where to put it)

lights (I am getting out of control)

Still need to figure out a rear spoiler

Going scale is NOT cheap…… Well if you go scale like I go scale….

Magnets the worlds greatest body mounting system (12 lbs for the win)

And I managed to bust up the 13.5 so that should tell you something about my street and this Arrow car…. The street is just simply off limits I must realize that.

ROAR motors…. Why do we have to deal with this…

  • I must find a place to test or I will never get up to speed.


  • Vanishing point car (MIP B5 trans case)


  • Undercover car, both associated based. (all B6 parts) I am hoping to see them SOON! Please dear lord.




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Thank you to MaxAmps, MKS Servo, Tekin racing, Graupner USA, CowRC, All you awesome fans, We love you all!

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