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Tim Notes:

Lipo fire and having to charge unbalanced because its faster is that a real racing issue are races being run too fast, Who’s at fault?

No prep texas guys getting butt hurt

Short track race day, no complainers showed up… imagine that…


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Why are off-road guys so whiney?


  • RC Word Of the Week
  • Center of Gravity or better known as C.G.
  • The point on the chassis at which the vehicle balances with all components installed. C.G. is the three-dimensional balance point of the car. That is, there is a vertical C.G. as well as a horizontal C.G. All forces acting on the chassis can be considered to act through the chassis' center of gravity. Ideally, a vehicle's center of gravity should be as low as possible.


 Facebook Questions:

 Donnie Stillwell What's the story on this short course drag car you keep mentioning. Where do I find specs/rules? Here in illinois we don't have any surface good enough for a true rc drag car.

 Desmond Desmond Any tips on how to set the Tekin RSX Esc for the Trinity D4 2.5 on 2S?

 Kevin Kasten Any plans on when you are going to get that record? #200plus

 Teddy Linville My question to Tim Smith is gonnbe are you ever or thinking about trying a inline chassis?

 John Schultz When can i get time on your Dyno? Rotor Ron Motors on their way!

 Norris Graves What is the story behind you and Matt getting together?

 John Schultz Let start a 10.00 buy in, outlaw style No Prep Race. I have locations! Friday Night 8 pm. When are you ready?

 Joe Zaier Jr Would you release your own car with all of the proper stuff already in the box. Like the 12mm hubs

 Joe Zaier Jr I would also love to hear your take on this, Jared Tebo auctioning off his 2017 ROAR 1/8 nitro buggy National championship trophy:

 Hello all,

Well, I had a nights sleep on it and I've decided to not sell my ROAR Trophy. When I decided I would, I thought to myself, " I love motocross memorabilia, maybe somebody would want this. I want to get this RV2 jersey; I'll use the money from the trophy to get it, kinda like a trade". After I posted it, it just didn't feel right, I think I may regret not having it anymore. Now I feel pretty stupid, but I think it's best for me to keep it. If I decide to sell anything again, I'll do a raffle or something to give everyone a chance. Sorry to all the people that made bids. I will be deleting that post.


Jared Tebo


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Robert St Perrie

Darvione Huddleston

Tyler Zavadil


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TSR edition 1 cell lipo (9750 mah of pure power

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