TSR Speed Shop RC podcast “Tyler and Coy, King of the Streets” part 2

We dig a little deeper into the King of the Streets no prep cash day race with the minds behind the mayhem Tyler (RCDrag Talk) and Coy of the Arizona drag racing league. Plus even more RC fun with Tim and Matt!

Hang on kids the shows are coming Fast and Furious!



TSR podcast Episode

“King of the Streets Part 2”

Hosts: Tim Smith and Matt Howsen

Guests: Tyler and Coy



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Tim Notes:


Johnny and his camel killing fun in Irac.


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Main Topic:


Main topic:


How did the two of you (coy/tyler) hook up?


How did you get the idea to have this race?


What made you think charging 100 bucks a car would work?


When did you realize it was becoming something special in the RC world?


What do you see coming from this event?


Do you plan to do more than just this one once a year?

The event seemed great, was there anything you felt unprepared for?



Were you as shocked as me that no police or even security came to see what 150 people were doing in a big parking lot on a Saturday afternoon?




Josh Twist: not a question but it was awesome to hear your story about Jimmy Jet


Gary Unser: More Jimmy Jet


John Mcmasters: You should get Jimmy on the show somehow.


Phillip Staab: Tyler and Coy two of my favorite guys in all of RC. What surprised you most about the KoS race? I know neither of you competed in the race but was it still fun?


Stephen Nicholson: your thoughts on slick tires vs treaded tires. Which do you prefer and do you think one has an advantage over the other?



Mike asks: What’s the difference between a SC10 based chassis and the newer DB10 based one.

Biggest minus if one used the older style SC10 era?


Jeremiah Bacon Sahlberg: is there a motor limit in no prep drag racing. I am thinking of getting the hobbywing stock system. Also do you remember a podcast called cooking with Nitro it was many years ago.


Jeff Mcdowell: Can we get a tri-state series set up? Vegas, Phoenix, Elsinore?

Gary Unser: Super Stock class, discuss the class and rules.


Erik Denk: Race looked amazing. Good job on helping the young gunner out by giving him a body. That is what this hobby needs more of “people being great ambassadors of the hobby they love and want to see flourish” Well done Tim smith hope you make it out to Az so we can show you how we do it here, Keep up the good work!


Bryan Tilson: big wings and tire goop, discuss?


Brad Reeves: when is the JConcetps camaro body going to be released?


John Shultz: are you building a big wing for your car?


Phillip Staab: It was great meeting you in Vegas, after racing with the fastest street outlaw cars in the nation what are your thoughts? Giant rear wings the same as a gyro?


Jake Rosen: after building all the excitement did you have fun?


Dennis Coleman: did you use tire sauce at the KoS? What type of tires were the Hawaii guys running?


Frank Chiechi: is ther any advantage to these after market chassis?


Jake Rosen: ok, serious question here: NPRC has brought more new people into rc drag racing then anything ever has. Will the traditional drag racers be able to attract some of these new people to the solid axle foam tire super fast cars?


 Featured Item of the week


New JConcepts Camaro body


Thank you to MaxAmps, MKS Servo, Tekin racing, Graupner USA, CowRC, All you awesome fans, We love you all!

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