TSR Speed Shop RC podcast “Who are you? guest Jenni Smith”

TSR podcast Episode 86

Hosts: Tim Smith and Matt Howson

Who Are You?

Guest: Jenni Smith



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RC Word of the Week (Brought to you by Competition X magazine)


LED (Light-Emitting Diode)

Those little red lights you see on everything from speed controllers to chargers-even tail lights!


Main topic

London is falling and so is your cell phone….

Trade shows and crowded streets

Say Hi and good bye on those lifts

19 dollar pizza and not seeing the good stuff makes for a long week

Don’t leave that cell phone there…. The moment I nearly fell apart….. Talking myself out of technology

Some people are still awesome and Natalie ward you are one of them.

Long flights and lots of Star Wars



Do you know where you come from?

Jenni tells us her story of not knowing her father to finding him and a LOT more.

For your whole life you have only had a single black and white photo.

DNA spit tubes a road to the truth.

Finding uncles or are they??

Finding your dad and dealing with it all.

There is more, like three sisters and maybe a brother!

Making that first call, what did you expect to happen?

Sometimes a photo can tell the whole story, aka seeing your yourself in someone else

Now what?

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 Featured Item of the week

Gone Bananas skins Drag Tires

Thanks to:

MaxAmps, MKS Servos, Gruapner, CowRC, Rotor Ron, Rudis Motorsports, Tekin, TSR Power Paste, Gone Bananas, MHD designs, Team TSR and all the Fan and haters!


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