TSR Speed Shop RC podcast “You can’t be Champ if you have No Time.”

TSR podcast Episode 99

Hosts: Tim Smith and Matt Howson

This week: You can’t be Champ if you have no Time…


Tim Notes:


We raced! Thank you to all those that came out to watch, Jim conquest, Chris Verra, Shawn Rusin, Jason Flores of  Flow Packs (promote the flo pack)


Live Feed success, SDRA 51 entries (three screen view, a first in RC drag racing)


My day, Prostock, Promod, couple of test hits all good, car not fast enough but still managed TQ but I knew it was for a limited time.

Great car then I added 2 cells and all hell broke loose


Lots of work, not prepared really and lost to todd and actually lost to chris.


Lets talk rules


Running parker in testing was the best dad moment ever.


Parkers Day with the 17.5 rail (Class and car specs)


Rounds, TQ in qualifying and on to the win but it got a little weird and back to the rules we go.


Future plans for my cars and classes and for parker.


Next race promo


Tekin equipment show based on results from the race day. Data logger and rotor fun


Got all my Tekin equipment in and the rotors are awesome!



  • News items


Brian Kinwald RIP


RC Word of the Week “Brought to you by RC Driver Magazine”


Tire Truer

On-road racers running foam tires are likely to have a truer in their pit boxes. When the foam donuts become worn or damaged, the surface can be renewed with a tire truer, a machine that operates in the same manner as a lathe.


Main topic



Facebook Questions


Joe Zaier Jr Now that the rcgp is on a streaming service that gets millions of viewers and that have legit pros can Tim Smith get excited about nitro racing


Joshua Barker As technology advances how long until we can just push a button and rely on AI or similar to run the best possible race/drag run. Along these lines as I am sure none of us see that as entertaining, at what technological point do we draw a line on what is acceptable at a race? As of now we can setup throttle curves, limit steering sensitivity, and range. Is the initial set up of a car going to be the only challenging aspect?


Joshua Barker How fast can you put together a race competitive setup?


Keenan K White Tim when can I get you on the podcast!!


Andrew Burghgraef Who's gonna win battlebots this summer?


Ryan Crowley back on the nprc scene, give us some thoughts in regards to motor combos and gearing for 132' drag racing!!! whats the magical tekin set up!? Any thoughts on the castle systems for this as well! Miss hearing you guys!!! Thanks!!!


Jeremiah Bacon Sahlberg What trans do u like more the scx10ii kit trans or the rtr trans


Chris Trudeau How about that Cliff Lett speed car TBT pic huh? Has current racing gotten TOO FAST? (Drag racing aside) the new debate on 21.5 vs 17.5 etc. Since you both don't really race (smirk in Matt's direction) are you plugged into the onroad and offroad scene to know if technology progression has perhaps moved faster than skillset development and is it up to the track owners or RD to control who races what class? (Classes like Novice/stock/mod used to be the standard as progression and stepping stone, now it seems each class now has separation of sportsman, vs expert vs pro, is this better for racing)


Kerry Adams What mks servo for the budget tamiya stock semi drag truck build I’m about to start?


Jeremiah Bacon Sahlberg I’m working on my drag car do they have a brushed motor class


Kevin Moore What got you guys into RC drag racing?


Jeffrey Horton What was your fastest car and what speed did it run


Jeffrey Horton Have you ever raced in any other RC events besides RC Drag Racing


Jon Carlson What do you think the power difference between the best brushed 27 turn roar stock motor and today’s best blinky 17.5 is?


Paul Donlan Tim. Any Updates on the Low-Low Project?

Matt. How is the skidoo?


Paul Donlan Todd get Tim and Matt into Boats





(Thought you maybe forgot...)


Kerry Adams What mks servo for a tamiya stock semi drag project. Budget budget budget project build


Fiona Cherokee No offense intended, I am an old rank amature RC enthusiast that started way back with a first run Tamiya Blackfoot at the ranch pit stop in Pomona and almost everything since. Yes I was asking about the inherited full scale projects




  • Featured Item of the week


Fiberglass reinforced strapping tape. From 4-10 bucks a roll, be a cool kid and get red!


Thanks to:

MaxAmps, MKS Servos, Gruapner, CowRC, Rotor Ron, Rudis Motorsports, Tekin, TSR Power Paste, Gone Bananas, MHD designs, Team TSR and all the Fans!

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