Tim Notes:

In and Out burger day!

Justin and painting Drunk

Wine tasting fun, AKA chick pick up zone

RC Newb FPV system for under 100 bucks

Eagles get over it on Netflix

Driving over an RC rig, WTF

 Matt runs sub 2.0 at 74 mph!


  • News items

 Arrowmax belt grinder

 AKA announcing a win that happened months ago, I guess with so many races no one really knows when anything is so why do of them matter?



  • RC Word Of the Week

Endpoint Adjustment

This radio feature adjusts the length of servo travel in one direction (a single channel will have adjustments for two endpoints). If your car or truck can make a tighter left hand turn then it can a right hand turn, endpoint adjustments can correct the problem by allowing you to adjust the servo to travel the same distance in both directions. Endpoint Adjustment featured radios are recommended for cars and trucks with Nitro engines….it allows you to set the Carburetor and Brake settings just right.


Main Topic:

 FB Questions

 Matt’s drag race world


  • Featured Item of the week

 TSR Power Paste, Light, Medium and Heavy, 8 bucks a bottle and made to get your tires to stick


Tim Notes:

Computer hacked

Speed run 2 cell packs, the rossa shit show

Street outlaws New Orleans stupid way of talking, it’s like fear the walking dead as compared to walking dead

CowRC mat check list idea 

New Cap packs to test

 John Schultz no prep event, Todd wants that shot at the top spot

 The Dyno!

 News items


  • RC Word Of the Week


 A pre-programmed feature that helps limit problems caused by radio interference. The system dictates a set position that the servos should return to (usually neutral) in the event of prolonged radio interference. This can help to prevent crashes by preventing temporary commands from being continued, and is included in most PCM radio systems.

 Facebook Questions:

 Joe Zaier Jr Do you try to eat decent when you're out of town racing

 Jeremy Drey You spoke about "loading up a motor" in a previous show. Not just pointing it straight and nailing the trigger. Can you elaborate further?

 Justin Frazier What is the current RC motorcycle record that is considered legit? Open class if there is such a thing. Not a 2 cell bike.

 Steve Pond How fast does it go and how much does it cost?

 Nate Hauger Do you use a set-up station, like for on-road cars, with the Rudis/RAE chassis? How do you check to make sure it's perfect?

 Aaron Bullock When can we get a Steve Pond interview... ??

 Daniel Gallardo What happened with the website you were going to make that was going to have all the rc records? Did I miss it?

 Desmond Desmond Where should the timing be put on the trinity d4 2.5 for max top speed

 Darwin Bohnke What about your idea of speed run on dirt?

 Main Topic:

 Jose and his Amazing MINIPRO dyno (miniprousa.com) 


 Sept 23rd….. drag racing returns to socal

 Featured Item of the week

MiniPro dyno  369.00

This is a universal motor dynamometer (dyno) that measures the rpm, kv, voltage, current draw, power and torque output of a electric motor. This dyno is great tool for motor analysis, ESC (boost) adjustment, brushless sensor adjustment, gearing calculation, etc. The dyno is coupled to a 540/550 motor or a Outrunner motor via a pulley and belt to accelerate the inertial mass. We will call this a ‘flywheel’ for simplicity. Our electronic board takes the flywheel’s inertia (resistance of an object to a change in its state of motion), measures the rate it takes to accelerate and calculates the output power and torque of your motor. Our dyno repeatedly measures and calculates power in small increments to produce an accurate graph on a PC of the engine’s power characteristics.


TSR podcast Team TSR


Tim Notes:

Lipo fire and having to charge unbalanced because its faster is that a real racing issue are races being run too fast, Who’s at fault?

No prep texas guys getting butt hurt

Short track race day, no complainers showed up… imagine that…


  • News items

Why are off-road guys so whiney?


  • RC Word Of the Week
  • Center of Gravity or better known as C.G.
  • The point on the chassis at which the vehicle balances with all components installed. C.G. is the three-dimensional balance point of the car. That is, there is a vertical C.G. as well as a horizontal C.G. All forces acting on the chassis can be considered to act through the chassis' center of gravity. Ideally, a vehicle's center of gravity should be as low as possible.


 Facebook Questions:

 Donnie Stillwell What's the story on this short course drag car you keep mentioning. Where do I find specs/rules? Here in illinois we don't have any surface good enough for a true rc drag car.

 Desmond Desmond Any tips on how to set the Tekin RSX Esc for the Trinity D4 2.5 on 2S?

 Kevin Kasten Any plans on when you are going to get that record? #200plus

 Teddy Linville My question to Tim Smith is gonnbe are you ever or thinking about trying a inline chassis?

 John Schultz When can i get time on your Dyno? Rotor Ron Motors on their way!

 Norris Graves What is the story behind you and Matt getting together?

 John Schultz Let start a 10.00 buy in, outlaw style No Prep Race. I have locations! Friday Night 8 pm. When are you ready?

 Joe Zaier Jr Would you release your own car with all of the proper stuff already in the box. Like the 12mm hubs

 Joe Zaier Jr I would also love to hear your take on this, Jared Tebo auctioning off his 2017 ROAR 1/8 nitro buggy National championship trophy:

 Hello all,

Well, I had a nights sleep on it and I've decided to not sell my ROAR Trophy. When I decided I would, I thought to myself, " I love motocross memorabilia, maybe somebody would want this. I want to get this RV2 jersey; I'll use the money from the trophy to get it, kinda like a trade". After I posted it, it just didn't feel right, I think I may regret not having it anymore. Now I feel pretty stupid, but I think it's best for me to keep it. If I decide to sell anything again, I'll do a raffle or something to give everyone a chance. Sorry to all the people that made bids. I will be deleting that post.


Jared Tebo


Main Topic:

 TEAM TSR Speed Shop

Robert St Perrie

Darvione Huddleston

Tyler Zavadil


  • Featured Item of the week

TSR edition 1 cell lipo (9750 mah of pure power


Episdoe one of our LIVE stream shows from Axial HQ.

Guests: Rodney Wills and John Schultz

Hosts Tim Smith and Matt Howson


Axial show,

live Facebook feed

Axial office

Axial meeting big plans for next year

The drive up and how waze hates me

Altra shoes

Two chains swag

Meeting so many great people, more of the no introduction meetings

Cleaning up the U4 mess

Radio show blues and the Buzz Next year Camp in vendor row and do live shows, Bluetooth, 100.3 FM each day.

The cabin/hotel No place to eat after 9pm watching CHP fly by No trail time,

Thomas and Tim hit trail "I"

So much water so mush fun, bridges

Thieves doing their best to wreck people's fun.

Axial team, I still can't wrap my head around the effort put out for their customers.

Weird Axialfest post year, thieves and pissy people on line crying



TSR podcast Episode 69

• RC Word Of the Week
A small electronic component used as a filter to reduce radio noise generated by an electric motor. These are the little barrels you see on your speed controls.


TSR Speed Shop RC podcast The Champ is BACK!
Show notes

Holiday inn hall way drag racing



Meeting new people

Naphtha and Ralph tocco

The kids, autographs, photos and more

First hit, the car,

Round by round break down

Car in the hat race and reward

The finals, trophies and cash awards

Gone bananas

Rotor ron

2.50 car nightmare

Miss them all. Scott Davis , JD crow, Norris graves, darvon Huddleston, Dawn, eric and heather bowmen, Robert St Pierre, Greg chapa, dave mares, Miley and Regina alsobrooks, Randy Mathew, Michel Hahn, mark Davidson, steve nigri, Ken lupi, Randy Mayhew

My crew Dallas, Paxton, Colt, Piper and Matthew Munson

Free paint jobs and bodies for everyone!

Won a car! And motor HahhaA I always win

So much Facebook love


New group new track new lights

• Featured Item of the week

Travel shaving cream


TSR podcast Episode 66

  • RC Word Of the Week
  • Cog, or Cogging: When a brushless motor hesitates or rocks back and forth before moving forward. Cause from a motor being sensorless, Cogging occurs when the speed control does not know where the rotor is in relation to the stator. Once the motor begins moving no matter the direction the speed control can then analyze what direction the motor is trying to move and correct it if needed.


Health issue update

Going to Texas kids, Todd and Tim do Texas

Cars are gone and I miss them.

Just when you’re ready to leave everything starts to fall apart…..

CowRC  and MKS servo giveaways

Servo Break in Tricks you are missing

Schedule of Fun, Tattoo, Gas Monkey

Wednesday, June 21st

SpeedZone Wanna Race? 7pm-10pm

Thursday, June 22nd (6pm–9pm)

Welcome Reception

Holiday Inn Express & Suites Fort Worth North – Northlake

Friday, June 23rd

Test-&-Tune / Fun & Grudge Gates open at 7am

  • 9am to 5pm- Test and Tune from ($20 per person no car limit)
  • 4pm- Louisiana Shrimp and Crab Boil (For Weekend Registered Racers ONLY)

(Pro Mods & Pro Stockers Only)

Saturday, June 24th

Qualifying & Round 1 Eliminations Gates open at 7am

  • 8am Drivers Meeting
  • 8:30am to 10:30am- Test and Tune from (only for weekend registered racers)
  • 9:30am to 10:45am -Team, Officials, Concourse Photos, and The Ladies of the RCDRL Photos
  • Official Qualifying Session 1 (Q1) Starting at 11am
  • Final Qualifying Session 2 (Q2), Immediately following Q1
  • National Anthem Sung by Gabrielle & Rebekah Mercadel
  • Eliminations round 1 (E1) – All Classes
  • (All Rounds) Young Gunners- Saturday Event

Sunday June 25th

Final Eliminations Gates open at 7:30am

  • 8:30-9am Worship Service

by Racers For Christ- Clint Parker, Gateway Church group leader Ms. Rebekah Mercadel

and Rev. Chad Howard (Donuts served)

  • 9am Drivers Meeting
  • 10am (Q1 & Q2) Young Gunners Sunday Event
  • 10:30am- All remaining elimination rounds in all classes
  • 4pm to 5pm- Awards Ceremony


*****No track, New timing system! (Thanks to Bob Wareham)

 Featured Item of the week


MKS HV9767




Dead Band


Working Frequence

1520μs / 333hz

Operating Voltage

5.5 ~ 8.4 V DC Volts (2S Lipo un-regulated)

Operating Speed (6V)


Operating Speed (7.4V)


Operating Speed (8.4V)


Stall Torque (6V)


Stall Torque (7.4V)


Stall Torque (8.4V)


Gear Type

Chrome-Titanium alloy gear





TSR podcast Episode 67 "nothing to talk about really.. oh wait"

Show introduction and welcome.

Welcome to the TSR speed shop RC podcast,

Tim Notes:

Health, “Whats wrong with me…”

Texas race,

Called out by everyone in Texas…

New shirts, and ball busting

Our sad track……

The difference between Socal and Texas.

Taking heat for saying speaking my mind…..

FB Questions:

Joe Zaier Jr If you can't find a good spot to race, what other rc discipline will you race in? Or will you quit racing all together?

Pete Phillips Give us tips on setting up an Offroad buggy for All-run or an index class. Some of us can't afford a dedicated drag car so we'll have to go old school and convert something over...

Daniel Gallardo Will your fancy new shirt be available to the public?

Jeremy Drey What was your highest speed numbers back in the days of round cells and brushed motors. And what's the highest number of round cells you ever had in a car.

James Knight Will you be broadcasting at axialfest2017?

Darvione Huddleston Going into the rlc 3day race what type of numbers are Yu tuning for???

  • News items


Cav better then Masami Hirosaka, "GOAT"

  • RC Word Of the Week

6061-T6 Alloy

Alloy is a mixture of two or more elements in which aluminum is the predominant metal. Aluminum alloys are used extensively due to their high strength-to-weight ratio; and 6061-T6 alloy is the most widely used grade for aluminum R/C parts. Unless specified, all GPM alloy parts are 6061-T6 grade alloy.

Main Topic:

Traxxas scale truck, Oh how I want you….

The tent post….

Inside scoop: Maifeild gave Gord the tires to use, They were handed to him :o ut of sight” 

 Off-road treated as the only racing 


 Featured Item of the week

  MaxAmps The Jigs Up  $39.99

NEW and improved version with "helping hand" and heat resistant phenolic resin insert!

"The Jigs Up" makes the task of soldering RC connectors simple and easy!  This jig quickly and securely clamps, holds, and releases the connector. A must have tool for the RC enthusiast!

The Jigs Up holds the following connectors: Deans Ultra, Traxxas High-current, XT30, XT60, XT90, EC3, EC5, and Deans Micro.  It also holds 2mm, 3.5mm, 4mm, 5mm, 5.5mm, 6mm, 6.5mm, and 8mm bullet connectors.

The holes on top of the jig are used to hold 3.5mm-8mm bullet connectors.  The "v" slots on the front of the jig are used to hold the 2mm bullet connectors and the pins for the Traxxas connectors.  The slot on the right side of the jig is used for Deans Ultra, Traxxas, and XT60 connectors.  The slot on the left side of the jig is used for Deans Micro connectors.


This weeks show, Tim and Matt show their true podcasting talet by recreating over an hour of TSR Speed Shop Podcast MAGIC! 


Enjoy this nearly three hour joy ride over the hills and through the valleys, even taking a turn into the muddy swamps...




  • Show introduction and welcome.

Tim Notes:



Goats wearing pajamas and jumping around in Yoga class videos.


More bloody fingers…. Stop it…


You tube limiting channels 


  • News items


https://thequagraine.com/2017/04/18/try-traction/   (proline tires and Ty Tessmen)

The Ty response….


  • RC Word Of the Week


Refers to the angle of caster on the rear wheels. However, that angle prevents the squatting of the rear suspension, so ‘anti-squat’ it is. Anti-squat is most effective on acceleration from a stop, when much of the car’s weight is forced onto the rear suspension. Lifting the front of the hinge pin of the rear arms gives a caster (anti-squat) angle, and helps to transfer the power that makes the car want to do a wheelie into forward motion.


Main Topic:



RAE spec car has arrived.


New RC drag strip, well sort of…..



FaceBook Questions


Rick Seffrood Where can I get a pro mod car


Daniel Gallardo What are the LEDs on your cap bank for?


Scott Glasscock Where do you see RC drag racing in 5yrs?


Joe Zaier Jr You make me want to drag race. Drag racing died a horrible death in minnesota awhile ago. How do you bring it back?


Johnathan Schultz How about having an class that's 17.5 blinky spec class with no wheelie bars with a spec tire size.


Michael Medaglia I want to go fast like Tim Smith but just fast enough to beat Matthew Howson on the drag strip. Let the tips and tricks fly !


John Schultz What's your thoughts on Ty Tessmann running a other tire than Proline at the Neo Nitro Race? Is it more important to be loyal to your sponsors or do what you think you need to do to win? Should he be let go?


John Schultz When are you going to make more speed passes on or Off Road


Scott Wiedmayer Dual rate on the radio. Please explain cuz i don't get it


Tyler Zavadil So just really getting into racing and trying to step into the big leagues what's the most needed shop tool to have for setting up a drag car? Would it be scales? Or a measure board?



 No track blues 


  • Featured Item of the week
  • CowRC MooSlick

Fast drying silicone lubricant, protector, and release agent

R/C safe formula outperforms and outlasts the competition

Ultimate bearing, drivetrain, and suspension lubricant in one

Uneffected by water or oils protects from rust and corrosion

After run application protects pins, shafts, and bearings

Heat stable to 400 degrees and will not freeze or melt

Reduces regular maintenance and increases durability



Back with More RC fun, Tim and Matt bring it all to you again this week!


Show notes below

 Tim Notes:

 RCDRL speech:

 There are about three things I need each day.

First one is I need something to look up to, the next one is something to look forward to and the third is someone to chase.

  Now first off I want to thank God because that’s who I look up to.

He’s graced my life with opportunities that I know are not of my hand or any human hand.

He’s shown me that it’s a scientific fact that gratitude reciprocates

God will forever be the one I look up to, Thank you.

To my family, that’s who and what I look forward to.

To my wife Jenni and my kids Holly, Parker and Kenna

The courage and significance you give me every day as I go out the door is beyond compare.

You are the four people in my life I want to make the most proud of me, Thank you.

 And to my hero, the one I chase,

When I was 15 I had a very important person in my life come to me and say, “Who is your hero?”

I said I don’t know, I gotta think about that,

This person returned a while later and asked again “who’s your hero?” and so I thought about it and I said you know who it is?

It’s me in 10 years, so then 10 years later I am 25 years old and the same person asks “who is your hero?” and I was like not even close to being anyone’s hero.

It was then I realized that every day, every week, every month and every year of my life. My hero is always 10 years away. I am never going to meet my hero. I am not going to obtain that I know I’m not.

And that’s just fine with me because that gives me someone to always be chasing.

So to everyone out there, whatever those things are whatever it is you look up to.

Whatever it is you look forward to and whoever it you are chasing, to that I say God bless you, you’re doing it right.

 Thank you


Street outlaws Mega race recap.

Street outlaws season 9 premiers

Is the internet good for RC or bad?

Human head transplant!

Axialfest no banners rule

Axialfest TSR Podcast shows

Perfect doesn’t mean high price

Guys arguing about the fastest jato is like whose shopping cart is faster…..

Some dudes are out of their minds thinking nitro is faster, ever….

Stop showing your cut off fingers on facebook…..

Missing sales for paste…..

4/1 test and tune results

Our Track is GONE!

Maybe a new home, meet Thursday with Storm stadium staff 


  • RC Word Of the Week


To make the car move faster, either from a full stop or while it’s already moving.


A measure of how quickly a car can accelerate. Acceleration is affected by items like the weight of the car and its rotating mass


  • Featured Item of the week


Dremel 4000-6/50 High Performance Rotary Tool Kit   125.00

Speeds from 5,000 to 35,000 RPM

Compatible with all Dremel accessories and attachments

Includes 50 accessories

360-degree grip zone for control in any position

Deluxe carrying case included

Flex Cable

Sanding guide

Cutting guide


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